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    Drill Tunnel


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    Drill Tunnel Empty Drill Tunnel

    Post  123agumon on Sun Jul 08, 2012 2:15 pm

    Inside this giant tunnel are many Goblimon and Drimogemon. You watch your step, for there are many cracks and holes in the ground.

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    Drill Tunnel Empty Re: Drill Tunnel

    Post  SSJX on Mon Jul 23, 2012 2:04 am

    *Rodun arrives in front a large cave, this cave leads to a tunnel. Rodun stares deep into the tunnel. As he talks to himself, his voice echos*

    Rodun: Maybe I can find that Digimon here.

    *Rodun enters the tunnel and walks in. Minutes into the cave, Rodun encounters cracks in the ground. The young man looks directly at them*

    Rodun: What could have caused this? Is this place old or something?

    *Just then, a whirling drilling noise is heard behind Rodun. A purple Digimon busts out of the ground and faces Rodun. A face of horror washes over his face*

    Drimogemon: Who walks in my territory!? This is my cave!!

    Rodun: WHAT IS THAT??

    Drimogemon: I am Drimogemon, and I will teach pests like you to step onto my grounds!

    *Drimogemon crawls out of the hole he drilled in from and scurries towards Rodun. Frightened, Rodun runs off into the cave*

    Rodun: This must be a dream!! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!

    *At one point in the cave, Rodun nears part of the ground filled with cracks. Rodun sees the cracks coming up and jumps over them. The Drimogemon drags himself over the cracks and falls to a lower part of the tunnel. Rodun looks behind himself and sees the monster has vanished. He slows his sprint to a walk*

    Rodun: That monster's gone. Whew!

    *Rodun walks a couple of minutes into the tunnel and comes to a part of the cave where it splits into five other paths*

    Rodun: Which way to go?

    *Rodun chooses to go down the middle route. As he enters, he sees a two Golbimon asleep*

    Rodun: +Those monsters looks fierce, and ugly. I'll backtrack+

    *Rodun steps back to exit, but kicks a rock and it hits the tunnel wall. The Golbimon wake up and face Rodun*

    Golbimon: What are you doing in our cave?

    Rodun: Trying to get out?

    *The Golbimon steps forward, Rodun stares at them then runs off with a yelp. The Golbimon give chase to the teen. Once Rodun makes it back to the split part of the cave, he takes the far right path. The Golbimon continue their chase after Rodun as they shout murderous comments. In the far left path a Veemon is breaking stones with his fists. He hears the commotion and runs out of the left cave. In the right path, Rodun runs in panic*


    *The Golbimon chase Rodun as they swing their maces in the air. Veemon chases far behind the Golbimon. The path Rodun sprints leads to a dead-end. Seeing that he's trapped, he stops and stares at the wall*

    Rodun: There's no way out!? Alright. If I'm gonna die... I'll go out fighting!

    *Rodun turns around with a determined expression on his face and sees a discarded Golbimon mace on the ground. The teen picks up the mace and rushes towards the Golbimon as he shouts like a battle cry. As the two groups are to meet, Veemon punches one Golbimon down then punches the other. Both Golbimon fall, knocked out. Rodun stops his sprint and sees the helpful Digimon in front of him*

    Rodun: Hey. You helped me.

    Veemon: Punching these guys was half the fun. I heard you yelling this way and what the Golbimon were shouting, so I thought I would be of service.

    Rodun: Thanks. I mean it. You saved my life.

    Veemon: No problem. And you seemed capable to defending yourself. You would have been killed, but it’s good to see you taking action to defend yourself.

    *Rodun and Veemon laugh. Then, the Drimogemon from before bursts out of the ground and faces the two*

    Drimogemon: I found you! And you’re dead!!

    Veemon: Not while I’m here!

    Rodun: I’m with you, Veemon!

    *Right there, the Golbimon mace Rodun holds glows blue and morphs into a blue Digivice. Rodun holds the Digivice in awe*

    Rodun: It’s like that item Cole had.

    Veemon: I’ve heard of an item like that, it’s only for fated humans and Digimon. It’s a Digivice. Let’s put it to use. Deep down, you know what to do!

    Rodun: ...Right!

    *Veemon springs forward with his fists in front of himself*

    Rodun: DIGIVOLVE!

    *Rodun’s Digivice glows and a theme song plays (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRpGZwYzDls). Veemon’s body glows in a blue light and it’s changes shape immediately to a giant size. The blue light fades and Veemon’s new form stomps towards Drimogemon*


    *Once Veedramon is at close range to the enemy Digimon, he throws his arm back*

    Veedramon: Hammer Punch!

    *Veedramon punches through Drimogemon’s drill--shattering it and makes it stagger backward*

    Rodun: Finish it!!

    *Veedramon steps back and opens its jaws*

    Veedramon: V-Nova Blast!

    *A red fire ray is shot out of its mouth. The mole Digimon is hit where its drill was and yells as it disintegrates into data*

    Rodun: YEAAAH!!

    *With the battle done, Veedramon glows blue and loses its form, it reverts back to Veemon*

    Veemon: That was great! I never expected to Digivolve!

    Rodun: That Cole guy said I was one of the DigiDestined. And now that I found you, my partner Digimon, I’m fully now one. How about we head back to meet up with the rest of the other DigiDestined?

    Veemon: And I can’t wait to fight every Digimon in own way.

    *The two walk out to exit the tunnel*

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