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    Digimon Fusion Battles


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    Digimon Fusion Battles

    Post  123agumon on Thu Jan 05, 2012 5:53 pm

    Toei Animation Europe says on their website that Digimon Xros Wars is to be dubbed as Digimon Fusion Battles.

    A few months back, the trademark for Digimon Fusion Battles was registered, and there is supposedly a proto-pilot for the dub floating around somewhere.

    Here's a link to the page: http://www.toei-animation.com/en/content/digimon-fusion-battles

    The official page reads:
    There are 4 armies in the Digital World fighting for dominance: Xros Heart, Bleu Flare, Twilight and Bagura Army.
    Three of the armies are led by humans while the Bagura Armi is strictly led by Digimon.

    The motivation of the war is to find all of the Code Crowns, fragments that have been scattered into the Digital World.

    Whoever gathers all the fragments together to recreate the original Crown Code will be able to control the whole Digital World to his own will.

    Who will become the Digimon King and then rule the Digital World?

    So, are you excited about a new Digimon Dub? I am! Smile


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    Re: Digimon Fusion Battles

    Post  rguy3 on Sun Jan 08, 2012 3:49 pm

    Heck yeah I'm exited! I can hardly wait! This new digimon dub is gonna be real good, I bet!


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