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    My backstory [part 1]


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    My backstory [part 1] Empty My backstory [part 1]

    Post  TheIcyBlade99 on Wed Oct 19, 2011 11:49 am

    This is my backstory.

    This DOES involve my RP character

    Here it goes:

    I woke up. It was just another day like all the others. I go downstairs where, normally, parents would make you breakfast. I was not like that. My parents never did that. I made some breakfast and walked to school. every day of school was the same: I walk down to the front door of the school and people call me things. things like: emo or freak. no one liked me, except that one girl called Zoey. I liked her too. This day was like all the others, until Zoe said to me: "Hey Hessel, would you like to sit next to me at lunchtime?" I blushed and I didn't know what to say. After a while I said: "Ok. Sure." Zoey said to me: "Well ok. see you at luchtime." I was really happy at that time. I liked her, but I thought she would hate me like the others. at lunchtime I walked up to her and her friends said: "What are YOU doing here!? get out of our way you little pest!" I, almost bursting into tears, said: "But, but, but Zoey said if I could sit next to her" "well." said Zoey's friends, "if YOU are going to sit here we will leave" then Zoey stood up and said to me: "eeeh, Hessel. I think you should go. I am sorry" I couldn't believe what she said and I ran away. I ran home and saw my mom in the living room. I said: "Hello mom. School sucked today more then ever!" my mother said: "Oh?, what happened?" I said: "Well, A girl asked me if I could sit next to her in lun~~~" my mom interrupted me and said: "right... this is just something so you don't have to make homework is it!? GET TO YOUR ROOM NOW!" I got to my room and yelled from sadness and anger: "WHY DOES EVERYONE HATE ME!" then I heard a voice, a dark calm voice who said: "I don't hate you. you can come with me and I will care for you. I am ShinegreymonRuinMode, but people call me Ruingreymon. so. do you want to come with me?" I said: "Yes without a doubt."


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