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    (Icyblade99 Only) NEW Beta 2: Unknown Ruins


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    (Icyblade99 Only) NEW Beta 2: Unknown Ruins

    Post  123agumon on Thu Oct 13, 2011 10:17 pm

    The Ruins are filled with ancient pillars and writings. Blood stains cover the walls, painted in strange scriptures. The ceiling doesn't look like one at all, but the night sky. At the end of the hall lies in wait a dark, evil, giant Digimon named "Shine Greymon Ruin Mode."

    (This topic is as of right now for Icyblade99)


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    Re: (Icyblade99 Only) NEW Beta 2: Unknown Ruins

    Post  TheIcyBlade99 on Fri Oct 14, 2011 10:31 am

    *Hessel enters the unknown ruins*

    I walk in and see the leader. I said: "RuinGreymon, (shinegreymon ruin mode) Those little punks got away!"
    "WHAT!?" ,RuinGreymon yelled, "This is the last time you fail me! You and BlackAgumon are going to train here... for now"
    I looked RuinGreymon in the eyes and then looked at BlackAgumon. I said really calm: "fine, I'll train here until I can digivolve BlackAgumon o ultimate." BlackAgumon said: "but, but, but he can't do that to you!"

    RuinGreymon called in Kimeramon
    RuinGreymon said: "Kimeramon, You have to get rid of those punks"
    "Yes master..." said kimeramon.

    *Kimeramon left the unknown ruins*

    "Come on Hessel" whispered Blackagumon, "We have to leave"
    "Alright." I said, "Let's go then."

    *Hessel left the unknown ruins"


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