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    UPDATED to 0.1.7 Roleplay Rules


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    UPDATED to 0.1.7 Roleplay Rules

    Post  123agumon on Wed Oct 12, 2011 8:09 pm

    NOTE: These rules are updated often. Re-read every few days for new rules.

    These rules do not completely apply until the full RP is OUT


    NOTE: You need 40 BITS to join the RolePlay. See the Bits Management thread in the Help Center.

    Digimon 4 Ever Beyond the Screen V 0.1.6 Roleplay Rules:

    Thank you for your interest in the Digimon 4 Ever Roleplay! I’m sure you’d like to start living the adventure now, but first you MUST read these rules:

    Not only are these rules, but they are also tips to help you and every other tamer to enjoy the Roleplay!

    After you have read the rules, you must submit a character bio in the most recent “Character Submission” topic. This topic should be found in the “Command Center,” under the section “Digimon 4 Ever: Beyond the Screen Roleplay.” Your character MUST be approved before you can use it. A Character Bio should look like this:

    Character Bio

    Name: (Choose a name, You can include your real first name if you want, but anything beyond that like middle or last names should not be posted)

    Age: (Choose any age)

    Gender: (Choose any gender)

    Digimon: (Choose partner Digimon, a rookie level is recommended)

    Bio: (Give a description about your character and Digimon)

    Writing Sample: (Show us how well you write. Make a little situation or scene, and impress us.)

    Now, back to the rules! This Roleplay is supposed to be fun and filled with action, description and adventure! One of the most important rules is that you make your posts worthy. Don’t make your post one sentence, or just a few words. Be descriptive! This story is kind of like writing a book, but with the rest of the world! Also, use proper grammar, character placement and etc, we don’t want this Roleplay to look sloppy or confusing. Remember to ALWAYS stay In Character when posting in the Roleplay.


    Example of a Bad Post:

    “What’s the prob?
    Oh, lol, that’s cool! Now, go Agumon! DIGIVOLVE! *BEEP* *BEEP* BOOOOOOOOM The monster blew up, YES!
    Hey guys, I’m gonna go off the Forum now, k? Cool, bai!
    You see what was wrong in that last Example Post: Bad grammar, poor spelling, etc.

    Example of a Good Post:

    *(Example Name) Entered the Room*

    “What’s the situation? Is everybody alright?” (Example Name) asked. He appeared worried, but soon calmed himself. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a Gabumon bounced onto (Example Name)’s side!
    “Quick, Agumon, Digivolve!” He yelled while being crush by the Digimon. Light shone everywhere, and in a moment, Agumon had Digivolved into a fierce Greymon!
    “Nova Blast!” Greymon yelled! He shot the Gabumon right off of (Example Name)’s back! “That wasn’t what I expected!”

    *(Example Name) Left the Room*

    Now the main Rules you should always know:

    1. Respect the staff. This goes without saying. Do not talk back or argue, doing this will get you in trouble.

    2. No cursing. Do not expose any foul language. Even the asterisk trick (**** or #$!^$&@$) is not allowed. You do not want to offend any other players in any way.

    3. Do not post out of character in this Roleplay! This is why it’s called Roleplay. You are taking on the role of another person. OOC posting should not be anywhere in the Roleplay Area, instead, it should be in the Out Of Character Area. If you wish to not have your OOC discussion public, you can also send a PM to the person you wish to speak with.

    4. There should be NO GODMODDING at all in this Roleplay! Godmodding is when somebody character has the ability to do practically anything without limits or boundaries. Godmodding includes:

    · Significant control over another player – PC’s or NPC’s – without the user’s permission.
    · Severely injuring or killing someone’s NPC or PC without permission. Fights and similar interactions should be planned out through PM beforehand. Inflicting minor damage upon another character is allowed, as long as they do not cripple or ruin the game play for any character.
    · Avoiding damage constantly. (Example, Tai says: “Agumon bit Gabumon.” Matt replies: “Gabumon dodged before Agumon could even bite him!”) Minor injuries are to be expected in battles. It would not be realistic if your character – PC or NPC – kept on dodging every attack that came your way. If your PC or NPC is involved in a battle with another PC or NPC, you should discuss the battle with one another via PM or Email before and throughout the battle, to come up with an outcome everybody’s happy with.
    · Creating large/small environments that don’t exist. (Example: A large underground cave.) If such area existed, there would be a topic for it under the The Roleplay Area
    · Changing your characters – PC or NPC’s – personality to fit the situation after a few posts. Please stick with the character description you used when submitting your profile. The goal of this Roleplay is to creatively allow yourself to think and be like the character you are playing. For example, a nervous character is likely to run away from a situation, rather than going on a killing rampge.
    · Trying to take over another character’s property (HQ, Basecamp, Etc.) without permission.
    · Ignoring other people’s posts. Read what other people have said before, even twice or three times, before you write out your next post. This will keep the RP from becoming confusing or annoying.

    5. Be realistic. Staff encourage Beyond the Screen Roleplay to be as Digimon-cannon as possible. Following examples from Pokemon or YuGiOh is not appropriate for BTSR.

    · No impossible battles. Think about the characters sizes, abilities, Digivolution levels, etc. A Rookie Level Agumon might be brave, but not really evenly match with a Mega Level MetalGarurumon.
    · No habitat/location oddities. Would you find a plant-like Palmon bathing in a volcano? Would you find an Agumon playing in the snow? What about the whale Digimon, Whamon, lying down in the savannah? No, please, use the Digimon Tamer’s Field Guide for help.
    · Action and fights are allowed, but you do need to balance out battling and relaxation with a character’s life. Remember to be realistic!
    · No over intelligence. Each Digimon has his strength and weaknesses, so be sure balance things out and keep it realistic.

    6. Quality posts. If you posted a good writing sample, the please do not become sloppy in the RP. Keep up with the same standard as your writing sample. The rules for posts have been stated above.
    · At least five to seven sentences apply for a general post in the RP. If your character is moving out of an area or being killed off, three or four sentences are allowed. Any posts with two or less sentences are SPAM!
    · If English is not your first language, some spelling mistakes will be passable. We want BTSR to help people with their typing and reading skills, but still make it an adventure!

    7. No double posting in a short period of time. Multiple posts (One post after another you’ve already made) are ONLY allowed if there have been no replies to your last post for FOUR DAYS!

    8.Please check the weather settings made by 123agumon in the Command Center in the Season/Weather Thread

    9. No overuse of NPC’s.
    · NPC’s are “Non-Player Characters.” This means that they are secondary characters linked to your character, such as a member of its family, or an enemy of his.
    · There IS a limit to the number of NPC’s you can use at around the same time. This is to keep the RP in balance. If there were 10,000,000 Numemon on File Island, things would get horrible.
    · Limits on NPC’s also keep people from going overboard, thus having more NPC’s then you can handle.
    · Due to these limits, the only way to get more characters in part of your story is to either (Kill off an NPC you have created, OR, join groups with other players, instead of NPC’s, which helps keep the RP in action!)
    · It is also possible to put your NPC’s up for adoption. This means that other players can take over your NPC. If you wish to do so, put a description of your NPC in the NPC Adoption Center thread, or send a PM to somebody you know might want your NPC.

    Maximum Number of NPC’s per player:

    Humans – 10
    Baby Digimon – 5
    In-Training Digimon – 5
    Rookie Digimon – 10
    Champion Digimon – 10
    Ultimate Digimon – 8
    Mega Digimon – 5
    Armor Digimon – 5
    Hybrid Digimon – 6
    Unknown Digimon – 5
    Animals – 6

    · As long as you stick to these rules, you can have as many NPC’s as you want per PC you own!
    · Help the Staff keep track of your NPC’s in the NPC Head Count Thread

    Due to people joining the RP and not staying active, we have started a character clean up! If you choose to not use your character anymore, deem it dead and we’ll mark it in the PC Head Count as Missing, which will make room for new players!


    Q: I don’t want to use my character anymore. Can I turn him into an NPC?
    A: No. You must first kill of your character in the Roleplay in order to clean slots for new players.

    Q: Can I play as a Digimon?
    A: Currently, this feature is unavailable, but hopefully it will be later on.

    Q: Can I have an X-Anitbody Digimon?
    A: Currently, no. Maybe in the future we will add this!

    Q: Can I play as a Hyrbrid Digimon?
    A: Again, not yet, but hopefully soon.

    Q: Can I play in other Digimon areas, such as Server, WWW, or even the Real World?
    A: Those locations are still in beta, so right now, they can’t be played.

    Q: When will they be added?
    A: It is unknown right now.

    Q: I can’t keep up with the standard of 5 to 7 sentences per post! Help!
    A: Believe it or not it’s not that difficult if you add detail and description to your posts. Often when you start writing, you think of more and more things your character could be doing or thinking.

    Using adverbs (examples: quickly, unfortunately, loudly, happily) and adjectives (examples: beautiful, strange, obnoxious, nasty) can help. It is advised that once you have finished your post, check through it before you post it and place any additional adverbs and adjectives where you think is appropriate.

    Q: I’m still confused!
    A: If you have any further questions about the game; if you feel that there is a question, which has not been cleared, on this FAQ and which you feel needs to be added, then you can ask it in this thread.

    Q: Who are the active BTSR Mods?
    A: These are:

    123agumon: Mod/Admin/Owner
    rguy3: Admin


    Q: What Partner Digimon can I get?
    A: Here are the available partners!

    Agumon, Gabumon, Tentomon, Gomamon, Patamon, Palmon, Biyomon, Salamon, Veemon, DemiDevimon, Candlemon, Hawkmon, & Armadillomon.

    Q: Can I pick my partner?
    A: No. After your Character Profile is submitted and approved, a Roleplay Moderator will pick your partner for you depending on your Character Profile.

    Q: What are these Digimon’s Digivolution that I can use?
    A: Here they are:

    Koromon, Agumon, Greymon, MetalGreymon, WarGreymon, Omnimon(/w MetalGarurumon)
    Tsunomon, Gabumon, Garurumon, WereGarurumon, MetalGarurumon, Omnimon(/w WarGreymon)
    Motimon, Tentomon, Kabuterimon, MegaKabuterimon, HerculesKabuterimon
    Bukamon, Gomamon, Ikkakumon, Zudomon, Vikemon
    Tokomon, Patamon, Angemon, MagnaAngemon, Seraphimon
    Yokomon, Biyomon, Birdramon, Garudamon, Hououmon
    Nyaromon, Salamon, Gatomon, Angewomon, Magnadramon
    1- DemiVeemon, Veemon, ExVeemon, Paildramon(/w Stingmon)/Dinobeemon (/w Stingmon), Imperialdramon
    2- DemiVeemon, Veemon, Veedramon, AeroVeedramon, UlforceVeedramon
    Pagumon, DemiDevimon, Devimon, Myotismon, MaloMyotismon/VenomMyotismon
    DemiMeramon, Candlemon, Meramon, SkullMeramon, Boltmon
    Poromon, Hawkmon, Aquilamon, Silphymon (w/ Gatomon), Valkyrimon
    Upamon, Armadillomon, Ankylomon, Shakkoumon (w/ Angemon), Cherubimon
    Jyarimon, Gigimon, Guilmon, Growlmon, WarGrowlmon, Gallantmon/Megidramon, Gallantmon Crimson Mode
    Koromon, BlackAgumon, BlackGreymon, MetalGreymon(Virus), BlackWarGreymon
    (Note: Check the Tamer Field Guide for these Digimon's Digivolutions)
    (Note: In-Training Digimon are the lowest form for your Partner Digimon)
    (Note: You can only Digivolve to Ultimate Level IF you have 200 BITS)
    (Note: You can only Digivolve to Mega Level IF you have 500 BITS)
    (Note: You may NOT use armor Digivolutions until:
    1- They are put in the RP
    2- You gain an Armor DigiEgg from an RP Moderator)
    (Note: For attacks, digivolutions, and more info on your digimon, visit the DMA, the Digimon Database: http://dma.wtw-x.net )
    (Note: Many of DMA's information on Digimon is not true for this RP. Contact a Moderator if you have questions.)

    You can ONLY have 1 partner Digimon per character.

    Q: How do I get more BITS?
    A: You get BITS every time you make a post, so the longer you post on the forum (Or better yet, the RP), you’ll be able to Digivolve to higher levels sooner!

    Q: Can I Armor Digivolve?
    A: You may NOT use armor Digivolutions until:
    1- They are put in the RP
    2- You gain an Armor DigiEgg from an RP Moderator

    Q: Can I create my own Tamer Team?
    A: Yes! You can create a Team Submission topic here:

    Q: Why are people not posting in the RP? No
    A: Many people have lives outside the RP. They might be busy, on vacation, asleep, or maybe just bored of the RP. Just wait a while longer. If you are in the middle of a conversation with somebody in the RP and they leave for a few days, email or PM them!


    Make Posts Worthy
    Minimum sentences per post is 4-5
    You need BITS to get to Ultimate/Mega
    You have a max NPC count
    No Spam
    No Godmodding
    Check Weather/Season
    Check Tamer Guide
    Read DMA for more Digimon Info:
    Not all things on DMA apply for this RP!
    Have Fun!


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