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    Mount Panorama


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    Mount Panorama Empty Mount Panorama

    Post  123agumon on Sat Jul 07, 2012 8:31 pm

    On top of this mountain you can see many things. You can see Infinity Mountain, which, then again, can be seen everywhere. You can also see the Gear Savannah, which is where this mountain leads too.

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    Mount Panorama Empty Re: Mount Panorama

    Post  TheIcyBlade99 on Sun Jul 22, 2012 8:37 am

    Hessel enters Mount Panorama

    While I was looking around, I saw a giant Savannah that I never noticed before. "Hessel why are we here again?" Black-Agumon asked. On wich I replied: "because I heard that somewhere around here is a Tyrannomon lurking around. It was pretty funny how they were so scared that they couldn't move." Suddenly they hear a roar coming from above. The Tyrannomon jumped down and spit fire right in front of my feet. "Black-Agumon..." I said quietly, but then I yelled "USE SPITFIRE!" Black-Agumon only nodded and used spitfire. The ball of fire hit Tyrannomon directly in his face, however he barely seemed hurt. Before I could even say anything Tyrannomon attacked with a blaze blast. Black-Agumon and I could barely dodge it, but for some odd reason it worked. I yelled: "NOW BLACK-AGUMON USE SPITFIRE!" The fire Tyrannomon's face again. The Tyrannomon took a step back, but with a wrong outcome. The path broke down and the tyrannomon fell from the top of the mountain to tree scape 2. "There, diner is served" I said, while walking down the mountain to tree scape 2

    Hessel left Mount Panorama


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