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    A fanfiction! (A Pokemon story) *everyone facepalms*


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    A fanfiction! (A Pokemon story) *everyone facepalms*

    Post  SSJX on Wed May 16, 2012 11:23 pm

    A Pokemon Story (rating: PG 13?)

    *The rating means there is light cursing involved

    NOTES: First off, I'll say these things.

    1. This story doesn't happen in the Pokemon universe we all know, but in a universe where the Pokemon universe doesn't exist. Confused? Well, think of it like this: Pretend the Pokemon universe doesn't exist at all, and just think of this story's universe as it's own universe. I have a fundamental rule for my stories: My stories don't take place in the universes they're based off of, and I like to give little character trait twists to my own stories so they’re not so generic.

    2. With my own fundamental rule, I tend to not make this Pokemon story seem too much like the real Pokemon universe or other fanfictions. Similarities? Yes, but not exact. Example on a generic story: "Hey, I've got to collect gym badges because I got a Pokemon!!!" I won’t make it that simple and I'm going to stray myself away from Pokemon works like the anime (I don't like the anime, much. -_-) or generic fanfictions.

    3. This story's plot begins in the first chapter and onwards, so no fillers whatsoever. It is a long story, though.

    4. I will implement the games’ elements into this story, unlike the anime. The battle style starts off like in the games, but they will turn into anime style battling as the story progresses. Why the anime battle style if I’m going to use elements like the games? Because I do like that type of fighting style seen in the anime, but I won’t pull anything absurd like the anime does (Pikachu’s Thunder Armor on Swellow? LOL!). Pokemon also won’t repeat their names as a method for talking, again unlike the anime.

    5. Brace yourself for this part, as it will be seen as weird by the average Pokemon fan. The actual title of this story is "Super Human Pokemon Trainer" You'll see why... There’s a little bit of ______ ____ in the main character. HA! ;D

    6. Expect long chapters. I don’t write short chapters.

    Okay, that’s all I need to explain. So let’s begin.

    Chapter 1: Countdown to Destruction.

    *A teenage Pokemon trainer is running up a fleet of stairs in an abandoned building. As soon as the trainer sets foot on the twenty-first floor’s last staircase, he’s spotted by a scientist foe who readies a Pokeball in his left hand. The two lock eyes as the teen stops ten feet away from the scientist. The trainer readies his own Pokeball in his right hand as the opponent steps forward. The trainer knows the scientist is a member of the Pokemon stealing team called “Team Atomic”, as he defeated many of Atomic’s members before this encounter*

    Atomic Scientist: How the hell did a kid like you beat all of our best grunts!?

    Trainer: They really weren’t that tough. If that effort was all you guys had, come on...

    Atomic Scientist: Shut your mouth, brat! GO! Banette!!

    *The Atomic Scientist throws his Pokeball to the floor and out comes a shiny Banette*

    Trainer: A shiny Banette. I haven’t seen a shiny Pokemon in a long time.

    Atomic Scientist: Impressive, right? I stole this from an older trainer. That senior citizen had no clue what happened right after.

    Trainer: Another stolen Pokemon. You Atomics sure don’t like catching and training your own Pokemon. Even after all of my time battling you, I still wonder: Why is that?

    Atomic Scientist: We don’t care about any of the basic rules that normal Pokemon trainers follow, as we don’t see ourselves as regular trainers. Why waste the unnecessary time into something so worthless as catching and training Pokemon the basic way when we could take strong Pokemon from anyone we come across; and automatically gain valuable creatures. Team Atomic only likes strong and rare Pokemon. Anyone who posses them, they will be lifted from. We want every rare and strong Pokemon in the world!

    Trainer: Although I would never use that method to obtain Pokemon, and I dislike you Atomics for resorting to capturing Pokemon that way, in every battle--it’s a nice challenge from you and your fellow organization members. I never know what Pokemon to expect, and that makes the battle even better. Let’s show them what a trained Pokemon can do... Typhlosion!

    *Throwing his Pokeball forward, the teen sends out his own partner. Typhlosion roars upon appearing*

    Atomic Scientist: From what you stated, I kind of like your style. You seem ready to challenge the unknown. That’s respectable, and stupid. ...Banette! Use Screech!

    *Directed at Typhlosion, Banette creates a high pitched cry, making Typhlosion’s defense fall and causes him to step back. Typhlosion shakes off the ringing sound in his ears and stares at his opponent*

    Trainer: Flamewheel!

    *With a growl, a wheel of fire envelopes around Typhlosion and he dashes forward in a burst of fire. The fire Pokemon slams into Banette, sending it into a backward skid. With his move done, Typhlosion jumps back to his previous position. Right after, Banette’s mouth glows with a black orb. The ghost doll springs a bit forward to shoot a Shadow Ball at Typlosion. Before impact, Typhlosion tries to dodge the ghost attack, but the attack is too fast and lands its hit--causing the damaged Pokemon to slide across the floor on his paws. Typhlosion looks forward and stands ready*

    Atomic Scientist: You remarked how a trained Pokemon is better than a stolen one, but what you have is a worthless Typhlosion that was rightfully trained by you. Trained or stolen, a strong Pokemon is a strong Pokemon. You seem to be wrong on your own views.

    Trainer: Typhlosion! Use another Flamewheel!

    *Typhlosion dashes at the Banette once more. The ghost Pokemon seems ready this time*

    Atomic Scientist: Not that move again. Banette, prepare yourself!

    *Typhlosion smashes into the opponent head-on, causing damage. The two Pokemon seem to be locked with their foreheads pressed on each other, and right after--the Flamewheel’s fire blazes out around Typhlosion--signifying the attack has ended, but before the fire Pokemon could pull back...*

    Atomic Scientist: TOXIC!

    *Banette points it’s arms at Typhlosion and shoots it’s poison attack from out of it’s arms--lathering the fire Pokemon’s body in ooze. The poison vanishes seconds later, completing the move. Even after the devious attack, the two Pokemon still have their foreheads pressed with one another*

    Atomic Scientist: It’s about over. The poison will increase damage on your Pokemon with each turn, making it weaker and much easier to defeat! Recall your Pokemon or let it fall. No matter how you see it, my victory is near!

    Trainer: You don’t see the obvious choice that’s left! We’ll fight through the pain and win!! Use Lava Plume!!

    *Typhlosion begins to growl. His growl grows louder with determination and right after, it erupts a strong lava attack from out of the flame on his back. The move shoots magma in a circle around the floor level--creating holes in the walls of the tower. With the attack in face range of the ghost Pokemon, the fire attack causes a Critical Hit on Banette. Banette is launched back and bounces across the ground; propelled to a stop in front of its trainer. With it laying on it’s front, the ghost doll slowly tries to recover by standing up, but it faints a second later with a dying growl. Banette returns back into it’s Pokeball. In shock of his defeat, the Atomic grunt pulls his hair in frustration*

    Atomic Scientist: NO DAMN KID COULD EVER--

    Trainer: You really need more practice, and better stolen Pokemon! *laughs* Return!

    *Typhlosion is recalled into it’s Pokeball and put aside on the teen’s belt*

    Atomic Scientist: I may have lost, but no one will ever know of this!!

    *The scientist rushes to the back of the floor and snatches a rectangle device off a table. He starts pushing buttons and slams the device against an undamaged part of the wall on his left*

    Atomic Scientist: No one will know. Hehehe!

    Trainer: What did you do? Is that what I think it is??

    Atomic Scientist: This whole building has been planted with explosives long before your arrival and interference. We had them implement incase our plans went wrong. And so they have. This mistake of mine will be as if it never happened. And no one would know an annoying brat trainer like you caused today’s downfall!

    Trainer: It’s not like no one would know I was here! *nervous open smile*

    Atomic Scientist: Even if I did let you go before I pressed the detonator button, I’d know you were present. I would remember the face of the stupid kid that beat me and I would regret not having the satisfaction of revenge! Now with you gone, I will eventually forget this whole ordeal. *crazy laughter*

    Trainer: ...You have issues. And you’re a sore loser!! Destroying a building just because a kid defeated you in a Pokemon battle!?

    *The Atomic further increases his crazed laughter*

    Atomic Scientist: What will you do now? The timer was set to seven minutes, now you have less than six.

    Trainer: You could have told me that!!

    Atomic Scientist: I didn’t want to. I want you to die. But look what I have here.

    *From inside his jacket pocket, the scientist pulls out a remote with a lone button that reads “Teleporter”*

    Atomic Scientist: Have fun painfully dying! Almost five now!

    *The lunatic scientist pushes the button on the device and vanishes in a green light*

    Trainer: UGH! What am I going to do? I ran out of escape ropes. I have no flying Pokemon to fly out with. My other Pokemon aren’t suited to guide us out. If I use Typhlosion to ride on him towards the exit, we’d both die in the explosion when the timer goes off. If I run on my own while keeping my Pokemon safe in their Pokeballs, they would remain alive while I’d be killed in the explosion. Wait, can a Pokeball survive an explosion? UH! I can’t spend time just standing here and think!

    *In a sprint, the trainer runs down the fleet of stairs, even with twenty levels of floors and stairs to pass--he rushes towards the exit with everything he has. As the trainer passes some number of rooms, books and filled scientific beaker bottles can be seen on tables. These books contain journal entries of every legendary Pokemon in existence. These collected data journals include their locations and their type weaknesses. The teen keeps sprinting down the remaining twelve floors with only ten seconds left. The trainer steps on the eleventh floor when the bombs in the building begin to detonate. Starting from the bottom floor, every inner level of the building is destroyed with one second apart from each other. The teen trainer hears many booms coming from the bottom levels of the tower--heading straight towards him. He reverses his direction and heads back towards the top. And as he rushes up the twelfth floor’s staircase, the explosions catch up with him once he sets foot on the thirteenth floor. Smoke and the detonation of the building level’s annihilation blast him upward as he’s swallowed by the blackness of the smog. With the explosions destroying chunks of each level’s ceiling above the trainer, the damage the explosions cause--allow the trainer to pass through each broken ceiling to the twentieth floor where he hits a solid part of the ceiling above him and lands onto an undamaged part of the floor--face down unconsciously. The last explosion erupts on the final level above the trainer, ending the chain reaction of explosions. Minutes pass. The tower didn’t collapse, but the insides are in ruin and charcoaled with building debris scattered across the floor of each level--along with furniture and items that once stood on each level’s floors. Parts of each floor’s staircases are damaged and somewhat unscalable. The actual floors of the building have gaping holes in them. Smog lingers the air of the wasteland. Moments after, police sirens are wailing towards the building that reacted to the extremely loud commotion cause by the bombs’ detonation. The smoke slowly clears throughout the edifice. On every floor level, data books are scattered and damaged, beaker bottles are broken with liquid spilled on the floor. What liquid the bottles contained are now spread on the floor. Still unconscious, the trainer seems to be laying on his front side of the twentieth floor. Seconds later, he begins to awaken as he feels something strange within his body. He gets up slowly and stands straight with a feeling that he had the wind knocked out of him*

    Trainer: What just happened? Didn’t the building collapse? Aren’t I supposed to be dead? I know I couldn’t survive that.

    *The teen looks around and sees the destruction the explosions caused*

    Trainer: What type of cheap explosives does Team Atomic use? First many Atomics couldn’t defeat me on the way up here, and now they also make lousy bombs that couldn’t kill me or make this tower fall. How much can they lose at? *gives a faint chuckle* ...Aside from that, I have this strange feeling within my body. Am I injured in any way?

    *The teen touches his head and feels that his hair has spiked up. Unknown to him, his hair has changed to a golden yellow color. In confusion, he retracts his hands and sees nothing wrong in his palms. For assurance of what he’s feeling, he touches his hair again*

    Trainer: What is this I’m feeling? Something is wrong. Why is my hair--

    *Interrupting the trainer, the chief of police speaks over a megaphone outside the building. His loud talking echos throughout the inside of the building*

    Chief: Is anyone in there? As I speak, a group of special ops and their trained Pokemon are searching the inside of this building. If you’re one of the vanda-lists that has damaged this memorial station, you’ll be found and put under arrest!

    *Sounds of banging footsteps are rapidly stomping many floors below the trainer. The special ops are moving to the top of the tower*

    Trainer: AH!! If I’m found, they’ll think I’m one of the Atomics that destroyed this tower!! How do I get out of here? I can’t go down!

    *With little options left on what to do, the teen notices a damaged staircase on his right and scales it to the twenty-first floor where he had his battle with the Atomic scientist. On the top level, the trainer stops by the right wall and overlooks the opposite side of the floor--seeing that there’s nowhere else to go*

    Trainer: +This is where I started! That’s it, they’ve blocked me in! There’s no other way out! What do I do?+

    *The teen tightens his fist with lost hope. His anger rises, and then, a fiery yellow aura blazes around his body. He begins to levitate off the ground without noticing. A second after, the trainer notices with surprise*

    Trainer: WHAT?! Why am I-- Forget it. If I can flying, I can leave without being caught.

    *The teen sees from the wall he’s facing that there’s a large gaping hole*

    Trainer: That’s one of the holes Typhlosion made during the match. But are the police or any group of people on the other side of that gap?

    *The trainer hovers towards the hole and carefully peeks around the corner and to the ground. No people are crowded on this side of the building, and with the view--the hole overlooks the ocean ahead*

    Trainer: What a relief, there’s nobody around. They must be on some other side of the building.

    *A split second later, thundering footsteps of the special squad are nearing the top floor*

    Trainer: Now’s my only chance!

    *Through instinct, the trainer raises his energy and flies east out of the tower and towards the ocean. The squad arrives on the twenty-first floor where the trainer was. They just missed him by mere seconds. Some of the squad members and their Pokemon walk around the level--looking for clues of who was present when the building was damaged. The Squad Captain oversees his fellow officers. Seeing that their search has been for nothing, the Captain notifies his boss via headset*

    Squad Captain: Chief, there’s no sign of anyone in the building. We’ve searched each level and didn’t encounter any evidence of who or what caused this memorial’s inner destruction. It’s nothing but a deserted battlefield.

    Chief: The vandals who caused the explosions must have fled after they ignited their detonators. Alright, recall your men and Pokemon. There isn’t anything else we could act upon.

    Squad Captain: Over. *to squad* You heard him! Everyone back down!!

    *The squad and their Pokemon leave the site as easily as they entered. Over the ocean, the trainer continues flying his way towards an unknown destination. Thoughts begin to drown his mind*

    Trainer: +What happened back there? Shouldn’t I have died when the explosions engulfed me? Why am I... “transformed” like this? And why do I suddenly feel the presence of everything that surrounds me? Wait...+ TYPHLOSION! I need to rush him to a Pokemon Center! Even as I fly, and while he’s inside his Pokeball, I can feel his health’s in danger. The next time his Pokeball opens, his health will deplete before I can help him.

    *The teen grabs onto his belt’s right side with his right palm and grasps Typhlosion’s Pokeball. Hurrying his pace, the young trainer’s inner instinct kicks in, which he raises his power and flies quicker for land. An island and its closest small village appears in the upcoming horizon. As he nears land, the trainer begins to feel dizzy; revealing the toll that the building’s devastation gave on his body. Slowly, the trainer starts to drift down towards the ocean water. To keep himself in the air, the teen fights the urge to faint and ascends a bit higher, but again he floats downward. This repeats a couple of times and the trainer holds onto his consciousness to keep himself in the air to prevent himself from a harsh crash into the water. A couple of minutes pass and the teen hangs on long enough to make it above the island and the small village. Moments after his arrival, the trainer faints completely. He descends in an angle and crashes into trees and other shrubbery; seconds later--he hits the ground and slides many yards into a stop--many feet not far from a house. The teen lays on his front side--motionless with his face pointed to the right. From the crash into the ground, Typhlosion’s Pokeball has fallen off the trainer’s belt and now lays on his right side. A few moments pass. A tall black silhouette walks over to he teen's body and stands over him. This person picks the trainer off the ground and carries him towards the house*

    End of Chapter 1.

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    Re: A fanfiction! (A Pokemon story) *everyone facepalms*

    Post  123agumon on Thu May 17, 2012 1:50 am

    But really, nice story! Very Happy


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    Re: A fanfiction! (A Pokemon story) *everyone facepalms*

    Post  rguy3 on Thu May 17, 2012 9:16 am

    Somewhat unusual...but AWESOME! Can't wait for moar!



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    Re: A fanfiction! (A Pokemon story) *everyone facepalms*

    Post  SSJX on Fri May 18, 2012 3:51 am

    Thanks guys. c:

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    Re: A fanfiction! (A Pokemon story) *everyone facepalms*

    Post  _Lionblaze_ on Mon May 21, 2012 8:57 am

    Cool!It took me FOREVER to read.But good anyway.And the trainer dude needs a name.

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    Re: A fanfiction! (A Pokemon story) *everyone facepalms*

    Post  SSJX on Tue May 22, 2012 5:53 pm

    lionblaze401 wrote:Cool!It took me FOREVER to read.But good anyway.And the trainer dude needs a name.

    The trainer's name is already taken care of. It needed to be introduced properly. Thanks for the feedback.

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    Re: A fanfiction! (A Pokemon story) *everyone facepalms*

    Post  SSJX on Wed May 30, 2012 5:07 am

    Chapter 2: Starter Pokemon in Trouble. Island Thieves.

    *The trainer slowly opens his eyes--his vision is blurry. The teen’s sight begins to clear as he looks around himself. He sees he’s in an enclosed room, laying on a bed inside someone’s home*

    Trainer: How did I end up in someone’s house? I remember I fainted while I traveled over the island, but everything else that happened after--I’m not sure of.

    *The door of the room moderately opens. A teen girl peeks into the room then walks in. She walks towards the trainer, and as she enters, the trainer notices her. The girl is the same age as the trainer. She wears a white vest over a light-blue sleeveless t-shirt, white shorts and blue shoes. The trainer wears a red long-sleeved shirt, dark blue pants and black shoes*

    Girl: Oh, you’re up. So how are you feeling?

    Trainer: I’m fine now, but how did I get here?

    Girl: After my parents and I heard a loud skidding crash outside, my father rushed out to see what caused the noise. And near our front door was a laying Pokemon Trainer. It seemed you were unconscious and my father carried you inside so you could rest. Minutes after you were laid here, I went outside to see for myself what caused you to collapse. Everywhere I looked there were broken trees and bushes. The ground was also scrapped and dug on the path to where you had fallen, but I didn’t see what made you crash into the ground. I didn’t expect a visitor to join us like you did, and with such a loud bang. *gently laughs*

    Trainer: *pouts* That’s not funny.

    Girl: Come on, have a sense of humor. I did notice. Your clothes are somewhat torn. Did something terrible happen that caused you to go through the ground like you did? I’ve never seen anything like that. Even with you getting up from sleeping, I’m surprised to you see alive and not juried in any life threatening way. You are okay, aren’t you?

    Trainer: I feel fine. And about what happened ...I don’t want to talk about it.

    Girl: Do you know if a wild Pokemon attacked you? That could be the source on how you were injured.

    Trainer: No. It’s... some other story. I rather not tell you. Not even I know how I survived. I can’t even explain it.


    Trainer: N-No! Can we please--

    Girl: If it’s some bizarre story, you can tell me. I won’t say a word to anyone.

    Trainer: I really shouldn’t. +How could anyone explain about transforming into some mutated person and flying through the air without sounding weird or crazy?+

    Girl: Alright. I guess you can’t trust the people who saved your life to tell them just one little thing about yourself.

    Trainer: I don’t have to tell you guys everything before my accident! Let’s just drop it!

    Girl: Fine, fine. But you do have to be careful around here. The wild Pokemon on this island attack anyone without reason. If they were the ones who almost killed you, well you already know what would happen.

    Trainer: I’ve never heard of a whole island full Pokemon that are so territorial.

    Girl: We don’t get many tourists...

    Trainer: If this island’s Pokemon are so out of control, how can its residents live here?

    Girl: There are roads that lead into the innermost part of the island: the city.

    Trainers: Seems like wasteful opportunities to not battle. If my Pokemon and I were traveling into the forest off-road, we would take on every wild Pokemon that stood in our way!

    Girl: Don’t sound so cocky, that’s probably the reason you’re here in the first place.

    Trainer: I’ve been telling you, that’s not what happened!

    Girl: Sure, sure.

    *With frustration, the trainer makes a low growl. His stomach immediately rumbles alongside his vocalization. Hearing his stomach’s plea for food, the trainer becomes calm*

    Trainer: Uh...

    Girl: You don’t have to say a word. Let’s go into the next room. You can eat dinner with us.

    Trainer: It’s dinner time already? I guess I was knocked out for a few hours.

    Girl: Oh no. You’ve been unconscious for a whole day.

    Trainer: ...What?

    Girl: Yeah. That must’ve been some collision you had. Maybe from an large wild Pokemon.

    Trainer: It wasn’t a wild Pokemon.

    *The girl playfully laughs as she leads the slightly annoyed trainer out of the room. Minutes later at the girl’s family’s dinner table, the trainer is sitting down with the girl and her family as their meal has already gone underway. The trainer seems to be eating his food rapidly. Five plates are stacked in front of him, with him devouring a sixth plate. The girl, her mother and father stare in awe as the trainer scarfs down his food*

    Father: Slow down! We don’t have much!

    Girl: He can... *blinks twice* ...sure eat.

    Mother: It shouldn’t surprise you. He was unconscious since yesterday

    Trainer: *stops eating* The last time I ate was lunch. Even then I was still hungry.

    Father: How big was your lunch? As large as a Snorlax?

    Mother: You shouldn’t judge his regular consumption, Damian.

    Damian: What other time can you make jokes like that?

    Girl: Sooo... guy. What’s your name? You haven’t mentioned it.

    Trainer: Jake. And you are?

    Girl: Alexis.

    Damian: You mean to tell me that you two haven’t introduced one another? Even after Alexis greeted you when you awoke? What type of person does that?

    Jake: I was knocked out! I came to before dinner!

    Damian: Don’t speak so loud. Especially to me. That’s very rude of you, guest. You should respect the one who brought you into his home, and allowing you to eat some of his family’s dinner.

    Jake: ...I’m sorry.

    Damian: You’ve already heard my name. There’s need for it to be said twice.

    Mother: And I’m Elizabeth. It’s nice to meet you while you’re conscious.

    Jake: Thank you for dinner. And for bringing me into your home. I think I’ll head out. *pushes seat back and stands up*

    Elizabeth: Sit down, it’s night. It’s much too late to go out.

    Jake: This time is normal for me. I can get two more hours of traveling time before sleep.

    Alexis: Don’t be in such a hurry to leave. You can spend the night.

    Jake: I don’t think...

    Elizabeth: Yes, just stay for tonight. It won’t be any trouble at all.

    Damian: *faint sigh* Yes, stay.

    Alexis: Thanks, dad!

    Jake: Wait! I didn’t agree just yet.

    Damian: We offered you shelter. Why do you refuse? Just take it!

    Jake: But--

    Damian: I’ll ask you again, but this last time. Do you want to sleep here tonight?

    Jake: Alright, I accept. Thank you for your hospitality.

    Damian: You’ll be sleeping in the guest room. Not in the living room, not with Alexis, and not with my wife and myself.

    Jake: Is that good?

    Damian: Sure. Fine. This way.

    *Jake follows Damian towards the guest room. Alexis and her mother stay sitting at the table*

    Alexis: Why did dad offer Jake the room filled with boxes? We use that room for storage.

    Elizabeth: From the look of it, it seems like your father doesn’t like Jake.

    Alexis: When Jake was injured, why did dad bring him here if he doesn’t like him?

    Elizabeth: Throughout the time I’ve known your father, he has always had a kind heart. In front of other people, he puts on a tough exterior for show.

    Alexis: That’s true. Dad’s always nice to us.

    Elizabeth: We are his family. Or maybe it’s because your father just doesn’t like Jake.

    Alexis: That sort of defeats your perspective on dad, mom.

    *Elizabeth laughs with Alexis joining in a second after. Thirty minutes pass, Jake seems to be settling in the stuffy box filled room. As he sits down on his sleeping bag, he moves boxes around to make himself more comfortable*

    Jake: These boxes, ah! By putting me in this small crowded room, I have a felling Alexis’ dad doesn’t like me.

    *Jake finally settles in the clustered space and lays the back of his head onto a pillow that rests over his sleeping bag. The trainer’s yellow backpack lays to his left. As he stares at the ceiling, Jake covers his front side with a blanket given to him by Damian*

    Jake: +After this, what’s next? Should I continue battling trainers around this region like I’ve been doing since I left home, or do I pursue the Atomics until they’re all defeated? Where could they be hiding? I guess either option doesn’t matter since I get to fight more opponents. And even though I’m resting comfortably here, I have a strange feeling that I can’t figure out. Before I fainted, didn’t I need to do something?+ ...Oh no. Typhlosion! He still needs medical treatment!

    *Jake stands on his knees in front of his backpack and worryingly searches through his bag for Typhlosion’s Pokeball*

    Jake: There’s only five Pokeballs here! His Pokeball is missing! NO! It must’ve fallen out of my hand as I crashed through the forest!

    *Alexis pops out from behind the boxes to Jake’s left. She crosses her arms and sets them on the box in front her. Jake is startled by her sudden appearance*

    Alexis: HI!

    Jake: WH-!? You just can’t do that!!

    Alexis: Seemed like a good prank. I got you anyways! Hah!

    Jake: I’m not trying to sound mean, but I’m in the middle of something!

    Alexis: Couldn’t that wait? I’m here. Let’s talk for awhile.

    Jake: Won’t your father get angry if you’re in here with me? ...Alone??

    Alexis: Why should you be worried? Were you going to try something? *winks*

    *Jake blushes with a disgruntled face and turns to his backpack*

    Alexis: Don’t get so embarrassed. I’m only teasing you. Anyway, what were you talking to yourself about? You seem worried.

    Jake: I’m missing a Pokeball.

    Alexis: Oh is that all? You shouldn’t get so worked up over that.

    Jake: It had one of my Pokemon inside.

    Alexis: Oh, now I see why you’re so upset.

    Jake: When your father brought me here, did he also bring a Pokeball along with him?

    Alexis: I don’t think so. He just carried an unconscious you.

    Jake: Then that means my Pokeball is still outside. Maybe in the woods. I’ve got to go look for it.

    Alexis: Right now? It’s pitch black out there.

    Jake: Yeah now. Something bad could happed to it, and my Typhlosion.

    *Jake rushes out of the room and into the hallway*

    Alexis: Wait!

    *Alexis tries to catch Jake, but he has already run out the front door. Outside, Jake searches for Typhlosion’s Pokeball in some bushes that were ruined when he crashed into them the day before*

    Alexis: Couldn’t you just catch another Typhlosion? Something bad could happen to us while we’re out here.

    Jake: No. Typhlosion is my first Pokemon. I can’t let anything bad happen to him. And if something does happen to me out here, I’ll be okay with it as long as I find Typhlosion.

    Alexis: That’s easy for you to say. You survived death yesterday. Not all of us have more than one life!

    Jake: If you don’t want to stay out here, then go inside. I’ll keep searching until I find my Pokeball.

    *Jake runs to some torn bushes that are adjacent from where he stands and kneels down to look through the destroyed shrub. Alexis watches him search for his Pokeball. Ten minutes pass with Jake already searched in different areas of the proximity. A cold wind breezes over the two. Alexis holds her upper arms and shivers*

    Alexis: It got colder. And the night is getting darker. I think we should head back inside.

    Jake: I can’t yet! I still haven’t found Typhlosion’s Pokeball.

    Alexis: You won’t get any progress right now. It’s late and very dark. You’re searching through shrubs and grass with blind eyes. And aren’t you tired? From the look of it, whatever happened to you yesterday still seems to have taken some toll on your body.

    Jake: I know I still feel worn out... but I can’t give up now.

    Alexis: I can’t take this chilly air anymore. I’m going back in. If you want to stay out here looking around with no leads, do it quietly. Don’t wake up my parents.

    *Alexis walks through the door, leaving Jake alone outside. He stands up with a face of not accepting the circumstances. Jake thinks about what’s been said and the options that are in front of him. He decides to turn back to the house and try again the next morning. In a patch of grass where Jake missed to search, Typhlosion’s Pokeball lays on the ground unharmed. A second after, a Wurmple crawls to the Pokeball and lifts it onto its back. The worm Pokemon carries the item towards a small waterfall--not far from Alexis’ house. Moments after the Wurmple scales to the top of the waterfall and over its ledge, a Pidove swoops down and tries to grab the Pokeball off the Wurple’s back. The two Pokemon squabble for control of the Pokeball, causing the item to roll off the worm Pokemon’s back. With the Pidove’s sought treasure gone, the bird Pokemon flies away. The Wurmple crawls forward--thinking it still has the sphere in its possession. Seconds after, it realizes that its prize has rolled away. The Wurmple nervously tries to locate the Pokeball by looking around, but it can’t find it. The Wurmple gives up and wriggles off. At the edge of the waterfall, Typhlosion’s Pokeball sits in place. Morning arrives. In the guest room, Jake puts on his backpack as a last preparation to set off into the forest to find his Typhlosion. On the sofa in the living room near the front door, Alexis watches the end of a breaking news bulletin on television. The report had said that the trainers on the island have had their Pokemon stolen in the following night. In a rush, Jake runs out the front door. Hearing Jake run by, Alexis looks behind herself--towards the door*

    Alexis: Wait for me!

    *Alexis runs out of the door and joins Jake’s right side in front of the house--with their backs turned to the face of the house. Thinking, Jake looks left and right with the corner of his eyes trying to figure out where his Pokeball has fallen*

    Jake: Where could I have dropped that Pokeball?

    Alexis: Have you searched in every bush?

    Jake: You saw me last night. I looked through every shrub that’s near. Even the grass. I couldn’t find one trace where my Pokeball got away from me.

    Alexis: Hm. I guess that’s all I could think of.

    Jake: That wasn’t very helpful.

    Alexis: HEY! At least I tried to help you!

    Jake: Well it wasn’t very much!

    *The two stare into each other’s faces with tense expressions. Just then, Jake feels something within his body. He looks towards the northeastern area of his and Alexis’ position. He turns away from Alexis and stares into the forest*

    Jake: That feeling again.

    Alexis: What? Brain damage?

    Jake: Ssh. I feel something.

    Alexis: Like a sense? That’s impossible. There’s only five human senses. Any more is just nonsense.

    Jake: I’m not kidding. I truly feel something within my body. And it’s strong.

    *Making sure of this sense, Jake closes his eyes and deeply concentrates onto a life signal*

    Jake: Over there!

    *The trainer runs into the forest towards the waterfall from the night before. Watching Jake run off in a hurry, Alexis is confused on what is happening*

    Alexis: Over there, what!? Jake?? Tell me what’s going on!!

    *Alexis sprints after Jake. As the two run through the forest, Alexis notices they are running past the trail of destruction Jake caused when he crashed towards her house. Seconds later, Jake stops in front of a waterfall and stares at the top. Alexis catches up with Jake and stands next to his left*

    Jake: Something’s up there.

    *During the two’s event, a moving van passes through the forest area on top of the waterfall. Two people in the truck are heading towards the waterfall’s ledge where Alexis and Jake stand near the bottom. The people in the van are two Atomic grunts. The Atomic grunts wear black stealthy skintight catsuits with grey oval shaped armor plates attached to their shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. Covering their hands, wrists and most of their forearms are dark gray gloves. On their feet, they wear dark gray boots that look like rain boots. On their faces, they wear thick light-gray rectangle-shaped sunglass-visor-goggles that serve as eye protection*

    Atomic Grunt 1: *relaxing in right seat* Ha! This whole island is full of deaf morons. Almost every Pokeball taken in one night and not one of them heard us walking through their home as they slept.

    Atomic Grunt 2: *driving* Are we heading back to base?

    Grunt 1: Hell no. I said almost every Pokeball stolen. We still need this part of the island.

    Grunt 2: How are we supposed to steal more Pokemon if we’re out in daytime in these black sneak suits we wear? Someone could see us. And I’m too tired to keep driving. We’ve been up all night.

    Grunt 1: Why quit now when we’re so close to finishing? Our leader wants every Pokemon on this island. Then we hit the next one.

    Grunt 2: For what reason? Aren’t we supposed to steal valuable Pokemon? Most we stole were average ones.

    Grunt 1: Eh--I don’t know. Why should we ask? I’m not losing my job by questioning orders.

    *Moments after, the second grunt stops the truck as he spots something on the end of the waterfall*

    Grunt 1: Why did you stop? It’s not nap time!

    Grunt 2: Look! A Pokeball!

    Grunt 1: Well would you look at that. This is much easier than stealing.

    *The first grunt gets out of the truck and walks forth to the Pokeball. Back with the two down below the waterfall*

    Alexis: What do you think is up there?

    Jake: It can’t be... but I think that’s Typhlosion’s Pokeball.

    Alexis: How do you know? We can’t see anything.

    Jake: I just have this feeling it is. ...I’m going!

    *Confident with his sense, Jake starts to scale the waterfall. Moments later, the trainer reaches the top and peeks over the edge to see what’s in front of him. Jake sees that his Pokeball is in front of his eyes and reaches for it with his left hand. But right before he touches his Pokeball, Jake stops his extension as he sees an Atomic grunt has also halted his reach for the Pokeball. The two lock eyes and are startled by one another*

    Grunt 1: W-Who are you!?

    Jake: Me?? Who are YOU?

    Grunt 1: None of your business!

    *The grunt makes a grab for the Pokeball, but Jake slaps his hand away*

    Jake: That’s MY Pokeball!

    Grunt 1: Not anymore! It’s mine!

    Jake: Mine!!

    Grunt 1: Mine!!

    Jake: Mine!!

    *Hearing the two continue to bicker as they repeat “mine!!”, Alexis holds onto her forehead and closes her eyes in annoyance*

    Alexis: Ugh... They’re arguing like children. JUST GRAB YOUR POKEBALL, JAKE!!

    *Hearing Alexis’ shouting, Jake and the grunt look down at her. Jake takes her advice and quickly swipes his Pokeball before the grunt can react*

    Jake: Got it!

    Grunt 1: No you don’t!!

    *The grunt punches Jake in the face, causing the trainer’s hold on his Pokeball to break and also loses his grip on the waterfall--and falls backward. The Pokeball rolls in front of the grunt, shakes and opens, releasing Typhlosion. Close to the top of the waterfall, Jake has caught himself on a stone and hangs off it. Above, the Atomic grunt smirks at Typhlosion. Not knowing where he is, the fire Pokemon looks around confused*

    Grunt 1: A released Pokemon is just as good as it being inside it’s Pokeball. I’ll just have to make it submit first.

    *The grunt removes his own Pokeball off his belt and throws his Pokemon into battle. A Seviper is released with a loud hiss. Hearing the snake Pokemon’s hiss, Jake scales back up the waterfall. As he reaches the top, he lays his chest on the ledge and grasps on to it. Typhlosion and the Atomic grunt stare at him*

    Jake: Typhlosion! I knew that sense I had was you.

    Grunt 1: The meddlesome kid again. Seviper, use Glare on the trainer!

    *Seviper’s eyes glow yellow and make contact with Jake’s sight. Jake feels a numbing pain throughout his body and slips off the waterfall’s top. He lands in the plunge pool below*

    Alexis: Jake!!

    *Alexis runs to the plunge pool and pulls Jake out. Feet from the plunge pool, Alexis lets Jake rest his head and upper back on her upper legs as she sits on her lower legs*

    Jake: I... I can’t move.

    Alexis: Why?

    Jake: The Seviper’s Glare, it paralyzed me.

    Alexis: I thought it only effected other Pokemon.

    Jake: Since I’m unable to move, I guess humans too.

    *Back at the top of the waterfall, Typhlosion faces his foes*

    Grunt: Now that the kid’s gone, his Pokemon is defenseless. Go, Seviper!

    *Seviper lunges forward with it’s mouth open, Typhlosion stands surprised*

    Grunt 1: Use Crunch!

    *Seviper bites onto Typhlosion’s left arm, causing the fire Pokemon to growl in pain as he takes damage. Down below the waterfall, Jake can hear and sense what’s happening to Typhlosion*

    Jake: Typhlosion!!

    Alexis: Don’t move! We don’t know if the paralyzation will spread further!

    *Ignoring Alexis, Jake slowly moves his body and manages to gradually stand up in front of her. Alexis’ expression is astonished as she watches Jake rise as she stays sitting. In the battle above, Seviper continues to thrust his attacks into Typhlosion and further damages the fire Pomemon to the brink of fainting. Putting Typhlosion through enough torture, the viper Pokemon backs off its target. From the aftermath of the brutal attacks it took, Typhlosion lays sideways on his front side--gasping for relief on the edge of the waterfall. Jake continues to sense everything that’s happening to his Pokemon*

    Jake: I won’t let them hurt Typhlosion anymore!!

    *Standing, Jake groans with pain as he fights to regain his movement. Suddenly, his black hair spikes upward and changes color to golden yellow. A golden yellow aura surrounds him right after and his eye color also changes into golden yellow. He breaks out of the paralyzation and gains back his motion. Alexis confusing sits--viewing what’s in front of her*

    Alexis: What’s... going on? Jake??

    *Now calm, Jake turns his sight to the top of the waterfall. He senses Typhlosion is nearly defeated*

    Jake: They’re not going to get away with this!

    *Jake hovers and then flies off to the top of waterfall, leaving Alexis speechless and in awe. At the top, Typhlosion is left on the ground heavily damaged*

    Grunt 1: I shouldn’t spend my whole day trying to weaken it. The time to capture it is now.

    *The grunt removes a gun off his left hip and aims it at Typhlosion. He fires the gun and a net is flown at the Pokemon. Jake lands by Typhlosion’s left side and as the net opens up in front of them, the trainer rips through the trap with his hands and drops the torn net to his left side. Jake glares with revenge at the Atomic grunt*

    Jake: You won’t be stealing my Pokemon!

    Grunt 1: What the hell!! My Pokemon paralyzed you! You should be motionless!! And... somehow you’ve changed?? Just what the hell are you!?

    Grunt 2: That’s one strange looking kid.

    *Jake kneels next to Typhlosion’s side*

    Jake: Typhlosion, can you say something?

    *Typhlosion doesn’t say a word as he can hardly breathe*

    Jake: That’s right! I have a Full Heal in my backpack.

    *Jake removes his backpack to his left, pulls out a Full Heal spray bottle and sprays the medicine onto Typhlosion. The fire Pokemon immediately heals and rises off the ground. Typhlosion stands firm and faces the Atomic grunt and Seviper; it roars mightily from it’s health*

    Jake: Great to have you back!

    Grunt 1: Damn it!!

    Jake: Let’s see what’s happened so far: You guys failed to steal my Typhlosion. He has a good amount of health let to fight. And I’m in this transformation state of mine. You’ve already lost, Atomics.

    Grunt 1: Team Atomic doesn’t lose! Not even to some weird kid like you!

    Jake: This has gone long enough! Typhlosion!! Flamewheel!!

    *Typhlosion quickly darts off engulfed in a fiery circle. He rams into Seviper and it’s sent flying into the grunt; and in turn they both fly into the truck’s grill. Injured from the collision, the grunt sends his Seviper back into it’s Pokeball. He stands up, defeated*

    Grunt 1: This ordeal is too much to handle. It’s too crazy! Remember this: You haven’t won! Believe me, you haven’t.

    *The grunt unsteadily walks back to the truck. After the first grunt’s door slams, the second grunt reverses the van and turns around--retreating towards the way they came. Below the waterfall, Alexis connects the Atomics’ actions to the news reports she saw earlier on television that morning*

    Alexis: They tried to steal Jake’s Typhlosion... So they must be who the reports were talking about! JAAAAKE!! They stole Pokemon from many trainers on the island!! Don’t let them run free!!

    Jake: Right!!

    *After the Atomic grunts drive off in the opposite direction, the first grunt hangs out of the window--laughing at Jake and Typhlosion*

    Grunt 1: We’re the ones who won here!! HA-HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!

    Jake: No you haven’t. Typhlosion, run as close to them and use Flamewheel to ram the back door of the truck.

    *Typhlosion yelps strongly and dashes off towards the van*

    Grunt 1: We didn’t take all the Pokemon on the island, but at least those two nuisances won’t stop what plans are soon to be set in motion.

    *Seconds after his statement, something catches the first grunt’s eye as he looks into the truck’s side view mirror. He sees Typhlosion catching up with them very quickly*

    Grunt 1: WHAT!?

    Grunt 2: What do you see??

    Grunt 1: That kid’s Pokemon! He’s gaining on us! Drive faster!!

    *But before the second grunt can stomp on the gas, Typhlosion has already created flames around his body and makes a direct hit on the truck’s back door--shaking the truck and the Atomic grunts inside. Typhlosion’s fire attack leaves a large hole revealing many large brown bags of Pokeballs in the storage space. Typhlosion slows his run, leaving the rest to his trainer*

    Jake: My turn.

    *Jake increases the energy in his body and flies towards the truck. Not believing what happened, the grunt keeps gazing into the mirror. He now sees a shining golden light coming their way*

    Grunt 1: What the hell is that!? Drive faster!! MOVE!!

    Grunt 2: This truck is giving all it can! I think that Pokemon’s ram caused damage to the truck!

    Grunt 1: DAMN!! DAMN!! DAMN!!

    *Jake zips by Typhlosion--who is now standing and quickly catches up with the back of the van; and enters the truck’s storage section. When he lands, the trainer sees many bags filled with Pokeballs*

    Jake: Are all of these from the island’s people? Well, there’s not much time to get them out.

    *Jake gathers all the bags in his hands. He turns to the damaged backdoor and kicks down what’s left of it, jumps out of the van and sets foot on the ground. Jake turns his view to the direction the Atomics’ truck is heading and watches the Atomics drive off, but they stop seconds later. The two Atomic grunts open their doors, jump out of the truck and walk towards Jake*

    Grunt 1: You are one strange and annoying kid. This time I’ll put you in your place!

    Jake: I suggest you two get back in your truck.

    Grunt 1: Give up the tough guy routine. You’re all alone now.

    Grunt: 2: It’s you who should get out of here. And drop our Pokeballs!

    *As the grunts keep walking towards Jake and won’t backdown, Jake raises his energy. His fiery aura and glowing gold eyes scare the two Atomics. The two yell as they run back into their truck*

    Grunt 1: Hurry up and step on the gas!!!

    Grunt 2: I am!! We aren’t moving!!!

    Grunt 1: WHY NOT!?

    *Behind the truck is Jake holding down the vehicle with his left foot planted on the bumper. He lays down the many bags of Pokeballs to his right side and grabs the right side of the truck. Jake lifts up the van and swings it in a full three-hundred and sixty degree turn--he lets go of the vehicle--causing it to fly through the sky. The two Atomic grunts scream as their van goes sailing. Even from the bottom of the waterfall, Alexis can see the rocketed vehicle soar into the distance. Once the Atomics’ truck leave his sight, Jake picks up the many bags of Pokeballs and walks back to Typhlosion. Far off the island, the Atomics and their truck drop into the ocean. The grunts float to the surface and hold onto the floating flipped truck*

    Grunt 2: What just happened back there!?

    Grunt 1: Nothing! And that’s what we’ll tell base when they ask us why we failed our mission!

    Grunt 2: But how do we explain to them why we’re out here if they find us drifting through the ocean on our wreaked truck?

    Grunt: We’ll make up a lie!! If we tell them the truth, we’ll lose our jobs for sounding crazy! We may get demoted, but that’s better than getting fired.

    *The two Atomic grunts continue to float in the water, waiting for their fellow teammates to find them. As Jake makes it to Typhlosion, he holds his Pokeball in front of the fire Pokemon. Typhlosion grins and growls strongly as it returns into its Pokeball. Jake smiles as he stares at his Pokeball, happy to have Typhlosion back with him. With everything cleared, Jake walks back to Alexis. Down at the waterfall’s bottom, as Jake walks towards her--Alexis is still unsure about her friend’s new appearance. He stops in front of her*

    Alexis: Jake? Is that really you?

    Jake: Yeah. Why do you ask? Something wrong?

    Alexis: No, but... this is something I’ve never heard of before. Even in our Pokemon world.

    Jake: *superior-like* I guess I have a heads up on everyone.

    Alexis: *irritated* Alright, there’s no way to act like that. And is this why you didn’t want to explain about your accident?

    Jake: Mm-hm. ...Why I’m like this is because of Team Atomic. Although I’m not complaining, it’s just that I didn’t know how to tell you when you asked me. You wouldn’t have believed me and thought I was strange for saying what I would have said.

    Alexis: You would’ve been right. If you told me of your transformation yesterday, I wouldn’t have believed you. But after seeing you like this, it really doesn’t matter anymore.

    Jake: Thank you. Even now, your understanding words mean something to me.

    *Jake lowers down the bags of stolen Pokeballs*

    Jake: Here’s everyone’s Pokemon. I had no idea you knew that the Atomics stole them.

    Alexis: What Team Atomic did last night was reported on the news this morning. Their actions of trying to steal your Typhlosion reminded me. There has to be a way to return these Pokeballs to their owners.

    Jake: Don’t worry, we’ll think of something.

    *Later that afternoon, Jake and Alexis visit the island’s police station in the city. They explain to the officers that they rescued the Pokeballs from members of Team Atomic. The police officers give them their thanks and the two head back for Alexis’ home. At sunset, Alexis and her family meet Jake outside their house, ready to bid farewell to their guest*

    Elizabeth: Couldn’t you stay just one more night? It’s going to be dark soon. Will you be alright?

    Alexis: Yeah, one more night would be great!

    Jake: Nah, but thank you for your offer. I can hold my own during nightfall.

    Damian: If you have time, visit us again.

    *At first, Jake is perplexed about the statement said by Damian, since he has a feeling Damian doesn’t like him, but he accepts his words with a smile*

    Jake: Thank you, sir.

    Elizabeth: See? He’s not a tough angry man like he’s been showing during your visit.

    Damian: Please Elizabeth... Not in front of our guest...

    Alexis: Be careful on your way off the island. ...And, will you come back one day?

    Jake: I will.

    *Jake and Alexis stare at each other in friendship. The trainer about-faces and walks onto a road that leads through the same forest he crashed in from. As he departs the family, Jake walks forward while looking behind himself to give them a wave goodbye. The family waves back as the trainer drifts into the distance. Night has fallen. At the far edge of the island, Jake faces the ocean where he flew in from. He takes a moment to stare across the body of water with a strong smile. To set sail into the sea, Jake releases his Gyarados into the water. Gyarados roars upon release as it faces the ocean. The trainer jumps onto Gyarados’ back and they set off for the land ahead*

    End of Chapter 2.

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    Re: A fanfiction! (A Pokemon story) *everyone facepalms*

    Post  rguy3 on Wed May 30, 2012 3:39 pm

    WOW. Four things I figured out from this chapter:

    1. Team Atomic has a plan.
    2. Jake can go all Super Sayan. Razz
    3. Grunt 1 has a potty-mouth.
    4. Grunt 2 owns about 2 brain cells.

    Did I miss anything? Oh yeah! Good chapter.


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    Re: A fanfiction! (A Pokemon story) *everyone facepalms*

    Post  SSJX on Thu May 31, 2012 1:06 am

    rguy3 wrote:WOW. Four things I figured out from this chapter:

    1. Team Atomic has a plan.
    2. Jake can go all Super Sayan. Razz
    3. Grunt 1 has a potty-mouth.
    4. Grunt 2 owns about 2 brain cells.

    Did I miss anything? Oh yeah! Good chapter.

    Thanks. c:

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    Re: A fanfiction! (A Pokemon story) *everyone facepalms*

    Post  _Lionblaze_ on Sun Jun 17, 2012 11:12 am


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    Re: A fanfiction! (A Pokemon story) *everyone facepalms*

    Post  SSJX on Sun Jun 17, 2012 5:35 pm

    lionblaze401 wrote:THAT WAS TOTALLY AWERSOME DUDE!!!!!!!

    Thanks! XD

    I don't why I've been putting off to finish editing the next chapter, but I'll get it done.

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    Re: A fanfiction! (A Pokemon story) *everyone facepalms*

    Post  SSJX on Mon Jul 02, 2012 11:02 pm

    Chapter 3: Resurfacing Events of the Previous Year.

    *It’s the middle of the night on the ocean. Gyarados floats on the water asleep as his trainer snoozes on his back. A small ship sails far from Jake and Gyarados’ right hand side--heading towards land--in the same direction where the two are heading. A dim light from the ship causes Jake to open his eyes halfway and stare at the moving boat. Half asleep, the trainer thinks this light is from a dream he’s having, so he dozes back into slumber. As the ship keeps traveling forward, it disappears into the distance. Morning rises. Jake awakes, sits up and awakens Gyarados by nudging him with his left palm*

    Jake: Did you get a good rest?

    *Gyarados roars cheerfully with readiness*

    Jake: Great! Let’s head for land! We must be close by now.

    *Gyarados swims off for land. Twenty minutes later at shore, Jake jumps off Gyarados and turns to face him. The trainer recalls Gyarados back into it’s Pokeball. He stores the ball away on his belt, turns around and faces the city. Off to his right on an elevated hill-like part of the ground, Jake sees the memorial tower where he faced members of Team Atomic, and when the incident happened at the top floor of the building. After he finishes reminiscing, Jake walks into the town. As he walks through the city, he sees a gathered crowd in front of a sidewalk--viewing a television screen that hangs off a building. The trainer walks over to the group and stops behind the people. As the trainer views the screen, the television event ends with the crowd dispersing right after. Wanting to know what was shown, Jake asks a man in front of him about the telecast*

    Jake: Hey. What was the program saying?

    Citizen: It’s mostly the usual. More Pokemon have been stolen from Trainers throughout the region. I remember reports the news has aired, these wrongful acts have been continuing for many months. I truly feel sorry for those Trainers and their Pokemon. The Trainers must be sadly stricken by a such heartbreaking event they’ve been through. The Pokemon must be scared not knowing where they are and worried where their Trainers are at. They might even be going through emotions of being abandoned or even becoming emotionally scarred thinking they were tossed away by their Trainers. With many Trainers’ Pokemon taken from them, I fear that the Pokemon in this city could be next.

    Jake: I had no idea. I’ve only been traveling through this region for a few days.

    Citizen: You should be careful and look after your Pokemon. No one wants their Pokemon taken away. People who do these things make me sick. Can’t the police catch whoever’s behind these crimes?

    Jake: I wish they could...

    Citizen: I hope the outcome of these events turn into happy ones. Well, nice talking to you.

    *Cooling down, the man walks off*

    Jake: Same here.

    *As he stands, Jake thinks over some thoughts. The trainer’s face expression slowly becomes irritated from hearing what the man said*

    Jake: +Team Atomic. Now I’ve got a bigger reason to fight you harder the next time I meet any of you. But first, I need to head to the Pokemon Center+

    *The trainer strolls far ahead to his right to arrive at Pokemon Center. Once inside, he walks to the nurse’s counter*

    Jake: Nurse, can you heal my Pokemon?

    Nurse: Sure. Hand me your Pokeballs and I’ll put them into the healing machine. They’ll be ready in a short time.

    *After removing the six Pokeballs off his belt, Jake gives the nurse his Pokemon and heads for a waiting chair to sit on. Once he sits, the trainer searches through his backpack and brings out a small-silver-rectangle device. The item is a metal rectangle that can be extended to form a picture-like frame, and in the frame is a translucent digital map of the region. A green blinking light indicates Jake’s current position*

    Jake: The map says I’m in Phobos City. And the place where I met Alexis and her family was Tumblance Island, which is east. Since I first traveled here from across the ocean--the southern direction, I have two options left that I can travel to. North from here is a forest route that leads to Thebes City. Or west from this city to travel over a mountain range to arrive in Dione City.

    *As Jake remains in thought, the Nurse stands by at the counter with Jake’s fully healed Pokemon*

    Nurse: Trainer! Your Pokemon have finished healing.

    Jake: Oh! I was so lost in thought that I forgot healing only takes moments.

    *Jake walks over to the nurse and she hands him his Pokeballs. Jake gives her his thanks and heads out of the Pokemon Center. Stopping outside in front of the door, Jake pulls out his map from his backpack and checks the map once again*

    Jake: A forest or mountain route. It’s a tough choice. Either choice isn’t bad. As long as I meet Trainers to battle, I don’t care which way to go. Okay! I’m on my way towards the forest.

    *Jake runs north of the city to travel through Route 722, a forest route. The route is a dirt road with trees lined up on the sidelines of the path. The forest stretches beyond the lined up trees. Far ahead on Route 722, two shady male characters are walking towards the end of the route. The leading person of the two wears a light-grey and black robe with the sleeves drooping below his elbows and the length of the cloth hanging just slightly above his shoes. The male following the leading man wears a black stealth suit, grey goggles and a black beret with a light-grey line wrapping around the headpiece. The follower is listening to another person talk to him through a communication device on his right ear. Much behind the two males, Jake also walks towards the route’s end and overhears the two’s conversation*

    The Follower: Sir, I’ve been notified that our secret lab inside the abandoned building in Phobos City is in wreck. All of our findings about the Legendary Pokemon have been destroyed in some unknown explosion.

    Leading Male: What caused the detonation?

    The Follower: No further information has been found pertaining to the accident. This is all we have gathered.

    *Overhearing these key sentences and realizing that the two mens’ conversation involves him, Jake hides behind a tree off to the right side of the road and pays attention to further conversations between the two males*

    Leading Male: Those useless morons in our research department. They couldn’t safely secure one of our most important laboratories? With that building imploding, our cover could have been exposed! All of our breakthrough research has gone to waste. We now have to start over from scratch.

    Jake: +Who are those two? I didn’t get a good look at them. But just by hearing what they’re saying, I know they’re members of Team Atomic+

    *As the two Atomics continue to walk, Jake trails behind them by moving from tree to tree--trying not to be caught if either of the two turn around. But something goes wrong. Halting, the leading male looks behind himself with the follower stopping as well*

    The Follower: Something bothering you, sir?

    Leading Male: ...There’s this feeling like we’re being watched.

    The Follower: I’ll keep on the look out for anyone suspicious.

    Leading Male: Very good.

    *The two continue their walk to the end of the route. Jake continues to trail behind the two people. At the end of the route, the two men take their leave towards the left side of the road--into the forest, but before they pass through some shrubbery, Jake mistakenly steps on a twig just as he hides behind another tree. The twig’s snap is heard by the two Atomic members and they turn to their left--starring down the road. The leading man’s follower takes over the situation*

    The Follower: Whoever is there, come on out! I’ve heard your footsteps.

    *Jake doesn’t respond or move, trying to fake out the Team Atomic men that a wild Pokemon made the noise*

    The Follower: Native Pokemon or human, I’ll drag you out. Prepare to shred the area, Bisharp!

    *The Atomic sends out his Pokemon. As it appears onto the ground, Bisharp sharpens the blades on its forearms*

    The Follower: The noise came from the left. Cut down all the shrubbery with your Metal Claw.

    *The Bisharp steps to the left side of the road and slices all the plants into pieces, including the tree Jake is hiding behind. The trainer is exposed. He turns around to face the two shady men*

    The Follower: A kid?

    *The leading male remains silent, but looks at Jake with a stern and concentrated expression. At one glace at the more important man, Jake stares down the leading Atomic with a face of sudden realization*

    Jake: You’re Team Atomic’s Leader! Hayes.

    Hayes: I remember your face. The face of that troublesome kid that brought down my headquarters in the Auroral region. It seems you’re alone this time. You don’t have those other three nuisances with you. This meeting is surely fate. Over a year ago, you ruined my plans. But in this present part of time, you have no chance to undue any of my intentions.

    Jake: If the other three Trainers and I didn’t stopped you, you would have taken over control of the Darkrai and everyone across the world would have been forced to follow your tyranny! With you misusing Darkrai’s power, everything would be in a darkened world!

    Hayes: But I would have ruled! Damn child. This will be the last time you’ll get in our way. Stealth Elite, do not knock out this kid’s Pokemon. Instead kill it and its Trainer.

    Stealth Elite: Sir!

    Hayes: Other members of my organization are waiting for my return at headquarters. As my plans come rise, they will mark a new beginning of my rule! Good-bye, for good.

    *Hayes turns to his right and walks through the plants--into the forest*

    Jake: WAIT!

    *Just as Hayes disappears completely, Jake runs forward to pursue the Atomic leader, but the Stealth Elite’s Bisharp blocks the trainer’s path by stomping in front of him*

    Stealth Elite: My leader instructs for our battle.

    Jake: You won’t get one!!

    *Jake tries to swerve around the Bisharp’s right, but the Steel Pokemon slashes at the trainer’s mid section to injury him. Jake jumps backward to avoid being cut*

    Jake: Errr! TYPHLOSION!

    *Jake grabs onto Typhlosion’s Pokeball and thrusts his arm in front of himself. The Pokeball opens and sends the fire Pokemon into battle. Typhlosion roars as he touches the ground on all four of his limbs*

    Jake: Lava Plume!!

    *Typhlosion lets out a fiery wave of lava from his mouth at the Bisharp. As the lava washes over the Steel Pokemon, it automatically faints from the harsh attack. As his Pokemon hits the ground, the Stealth Elite returns his Bisharp back into its Pokeball*

    Stealth Elite: Even with my loss, I’ve stalled for my leader to safely walk away. Take in your battle victory, because that’s the only thing you’ve won.

    *The Elite throws down a smoke bomb and its smog surrounds Jake and Typhlosion. The two cough from the fumes*

    Jake: After them!!

    *Dashing from out of the black smog, Jake and Typhlosion give chase into the left side of the forest that Hayes fled into. The two run a bit into the forest, but after seeing nothing but trees and no sign of either Atomic, the two stop their pursuit and stare deep into the woods. Jake’s body quivers in frustration. He gazes angrily into the empty woods with a disgruntled face*

    Jake: NO! I can’t believe they escaped! I was so close to getting some information from Hayes of what he’s planning. I-I let them get away too easily!

    *Typhlosion turns his head and stares worryingly at his trainer, like he’s saying “it’s alright”*

    Jake: I could find them. If only I could take on that transformed state, or sense which way they went!

    *Very upset, Jake tightly clenches his fists and tries to concentrate on the two Atomics’ life signatures--he also tries to transform into his super human transformation, but no presences can be felt and nothing happens to his body*

    Jake: Come on! Come ooooooon!

    *Jake continues to try and feel out the presence of life around him and transform, but he still can’t accomplish either task*

    Jake: Why now? Why can’t I sense anything or transform!?

    *Moments later, feeling defeated--Jake gives up and about-faces. He stares out of the forest where he and Typhlosion entered--back onto Route 722*

    Jake: There isn’t anything else we can do. Let’s go.

    *Jake walks forward to exit the forest. Typhlosion hesitates to follow his trainer as he’s still worried about him, but he walks behind his trainer seconds after. Back on the route, Jake and Typhlosion stare ahead at the route’s end. The two remain quiet for a while, with Jake remaining in deep thought. Moments later, the trainer opens his mouth with his current thoughts*

    Jake: Typhlosion. Let’s continue to battle whatever’s in our way. Just like we’ve been doing since we left home. Even after this encounter with Hayes, nothing will change. There will be a time when we’ll find those Atomics. But we must be patient and in time, we will catch up with them, once again. We’ll stop whatever plans they have engaged.

    *The two turn their heads to each other, and seconds later, they nod as they agree on the objective. Jake returns Typhlosion back into its Pokeball and he walks towards the route’s exit. Minutes later, the trainer enters Thebes City. As Jake walks into the city, he sees a crowd surrounding an ongoing Pokemon Battle between a male and female Pokemon Trainer--which the people are gathered many feet in front of the city's Pokemon Center. Seeing them, Jake comments on the previous route*

    Jake: They’re having a Pokemon Battle. How come I didn’t see any Trainers to battle in the forest route? *makes an irritated pout*

    *In the Pokemon Battle, the male trainer has a Furret, while the female trainer has an Lairon. The male trainer wears a yellow and dark-orange t-shirt, red shorts and blue shoes. The female trainer wears a thick blue jacket with a black t-shirt under, dark-grey pants and dark purple shoes. Watching the Pokemon Battle, people commentate on the match. During the fight, it seems the Lairon trainer is winning as the Furret is much more exhausted than the Steel Pokemon*

    Male: Come on Furret. Use your Charge Beam!

    *Furret makes some wild sounds, stands up and shoots out an electric beam at the Lairon--landing a direct hit on the Lairon’s forehead. The Lairon steps back from the hit as static crackles around it and fizzes out right after*

    Female: Show them that won’t stop you! Give Furret a Headbutt!

    *Lairon charges forward with it’s head lowered and makes direct contact on Furret’s chest and it’s launched backward. The ferret Pokemon manages to stand, but is heavily damaged with it showing more signs of fatigue. Although tired, the Furret also shows signs of determination*

    Male: You can do this! Crush Lairon with Brick Break!

    *Furret runs forward, and as it draws near Lairon, it hops into the air above the iron Pokemon and quickly chops its paw down on the opposing Pokemon’s back. Furret lands on the ground in front of Lairon and lunges backward. Lairon takes the big hit, but still is able to battle. It steps forward with groans of anger*

    Female: Nice move, there. Too bad we’re not done yet!

    Male: *groans frustrated* I thought that would’ve beaten you.

    Female: Show them who’s the better Pokemon! Iron Tail attack!!

    *The iron armored Pokemon quickly stomps towards Furret and as it nears the ferret Pokemon, it does a one-eighty spin and slams its tail into the opponent. Furret is harshly sent skidding across the ground. Once it stops its movement, it appears that the ferret Pokemon has fainted*

    Male: Oh no, Furret!

    *The male trainer recalls his Pokemon back into it’s Pokeball. The female trainer rejoices with cheering as she joins her Pokemon’s side. The crowd claps from the entertaining battle and disperses in different directions soon after*

    Female: Lairon, you did awesome!

    *The girl hugs her Pokemon and moments after, she recalls it back into it’s Pokeball. The boy trainer walks to the female trainer and hands her money from being defeated in battle*

    Male: Here.

    *The girl accepts the money from the boy with a chuckle. The boy looks down with grief from losing the battle*

    Female: Don’t feel too bad. You might do better in your next match.

    Male: I guess so.

    *Right after, Jake appears next to both trainers’ left side*

    Jake: Hey you guys, that was a great match.

    Female: Thanks! Lairon and I train hard to pull clenching victories like that. You might think we’re about to lose, then BAM, we hit you harder than you hit us.

    Male: Hmph.

    Female: You shouldn’t be a sore loser. It doesn’t look good on anyone.

    Male: It’s not that. I wish my Furret and I could have that much talent.

    Female: Just practice more and you could make victories happen like we can.

    Male: In that case, I suppose I should find my own style for winning.

    Female: That’s what I like to hear!

    Jake: Anyone of you guys want to have a battle?

    Male: Not me, I’m done for today.

    Female: My Pokemon and I could go for another battle. But not yet. I need to head over to the Pokemon Center for some healing.

    Jake: I should too. I almost jumped into a match without being at top shape.

    Female: Then let’s head over there. By the way, my name’s Chelsea.

    Jake: I’m Jake.

    *The two continue to talk as they walk towards the Pokemon Center to the right. As Jake and Chelsea walk away, the male trainer stays behind and watches them leave*

    Male: Hey, wait for me!

    *The male runs off to meet up with the two. In the Pokemon Center, Chelsea and Jake are waiting for the nurse’s arrival at the counter when the male trainer runs in, stops on Chelsea’s left, bends down and catches his breathe. Jake and Chelsea stare down at the other trainer*

    Male: I wanted to join you two in here.

    Chelsea: You should have mentioned something before. We would have waited for you.

    Male: Now you tell me. Also, I’m Travis.

    Jake: Hey.

    Chelsea: So why are you traveling along, Jake?

    Jake: I go region to region battling Trainers.

    Chelsea: You don’t partake in contests or challenging Gym Leaders?

    Jake: That’s not really why I wanted to travel. I wouldn’t mind it, but I rather just keep traveling in one forward path than take side quests like those.

    Travis: That’s sort of odd.

    Jake: It’s just how I feel as a Trainer.

    Chelsea: Gym matches aren’t side quests for me. That’s why I’m in this region. I want to beat each Gym Leader.

    Jake: What for?

    Chelsea: For bragging rights. And for the ultimate challenge.

    *Travis and Jake stare confused at Chelsea*

    Chelsea: That.

    *Chelsea points on the Pokemon Center’s wall on the far left behind the group. All three trainers stare in that direction. The object Chelsea is pointing to is a poster that reads “Global Tournament”*

    Jake: I’ve never heard of that.

    Chelsea: It should great. To enter, you need to beat any eight Gym Leaders in one region or in other regions and so you can collect their Gym Badges. After you’ve done that, you can participate in the tournament. Facing many Trainers from across the world sure is a wonderful opportunity! I want to battle each one.

    Jake: Hah. That does sound pretty cool.

    Travis: No wonder I saw some other Trainers with some shiny metal things on their clothes. They must be wanting to enter the tournament as well.

    *After some time, the Pokemon Center’s nurse arrives at the counter*

    Nurse: Sorry for keeping you waiting. Are you Trainers ready to heal your Pokemon?

    Jake: Yeah.

    Chelsea: Sure.

    Travis: Give me a second.

    *With Chelsea and Jake’s Pokeballs ready on the counter, the nurse takes them. The nurse waits for Travis--who is nervously searching through his backpack--to give her his Pokemon. With their Pokemon surrendered, the nurse heads to the machine behind her and starts the healing process. Seconds later, the nurse returns the three trainers’ Pokeballs. After the trainers store their Pokeballs on their person, they walk into the waiting area to share more conversations among each other*

    Chelsea: You said you were traveling. Where are you going next?

    Jake: I’m not sure. Whatever the next route takes me.

    Chelsea: I’ll help you out.

    *Chelsea takes out her own map and checks the paths out of Thebes City*

    Chelsea: The only route out of this city is Route 724. This takes you to Callisto City. Coincidentally enough, I was heading to Callisto City myself.

    Jake: It looks like I’m traveling with you.

    Chelsea: Great!

    Travis: If you two are going in the same direction, I’ll tag along. It could be fun traveling as a group.

    Chelsea: So we’re all going together. Travis is right, this will be fun.

    *As the three are in merriment, someone walks behind Jake. The person lays their right hand on his right shoulder*

    ???: Hello, Jake.

    *Hearing this person’s voice, Jake already knows it’s the voice of the professor that gave him his Starter Pokemon and his Pokedex. As he feels the professor’s grip on his shoulder, Jake becomes nervous*

    Professor: I’ve been looking for you.

    Jake: Professor Tupelo! So how’s it been?

    Professor Tupelo: Everything’s fine, but after not hearing from you for a year, I’ve decided to come look for you and see how you’re doing. And, it was very difficult finding your whereabouts.

    Jake: It must've been. After all, I’ve just now entered a second region on my trip.

    Professor Tupelo: Yes. Now about my visit.

    Jake: What about it? +Oh no, here it comes+

    Professor Tupelo: I’ve been thinking, with all your traveling, you must have filled up the Pokedex with loads of information.

    Jake: Well... hehehe... you see, from the first couple of days into my journey, I decided not to do that as much as you wanted me to.

    Professor Tupelo: In what way?

    Jake: After you handed me the Pokedex and my first Pokemon, I really wanted to battle Trainers more than catching Pokemon. Sooooo...

    Professor Tupelo: You’re kidding me.

    Jake: *nervous smile* Hehehe...

    Professor Tupelo: This doesn’t surprise me. You never tried to contact me, so I had a feeling this entire time. You’ve broken your promise. And from the beginning of your journey, you lied to me when I asked you to fill the Pokedex with information on various species of Pokemon.

    Jake: Come on, it’s not that bad. That was the only lie I ever told anyone. If you haven’t given me Cyndaquil and the Pokedex, I wouldn’t have been able to travel the previous region. And I wouldn’t have battled other Trainers. To help lighten your thoughts about me, I did fill up a bit of the Pokedex. Just like you initially wanted. See?

    *Jake takes his Pokedex out of his backpack and Tupelo quickly swipes it. The professor stares down at the Pokedex and then to Jake*

    Professor Tupelo: What I really wanted from you was to catch many Pokemon and get their data. Well, after a year’s work, let’s see what you’ve accomplished.

    *After a few button pressing, Tupelo checks closely at the Pokedex’s screen. A few seconds later, the professor blinks twice to make sure what he’s reading is correct*

    Professor Tupelo: You’ve captured... only nine Pokemon!?! YOU LAZY BUM!!! I catch up to you a year later and that’s all you have to show for!?

    *Even after being scolded, Jake smiles while nervously laughing*

    Professor Tupelo: I thought you had potential. But I’ve lost faith in you.

    Jake: Don’t say that!

    Professor Tupelo: If you’ve haven’t been catching Pokemon, you’ve at least participated in some Gym Battles... riiiight?

    *Jake laughs nervously again*

    Professor Tupelo: You’re one lazy Trainer.

    Jake: Aww, don’t be like that.

    Professor Tupelo: Don’t say anything else. And after evaluating your progress, I have decided that I’m taking back this Pokedex. It seems you don’t need it and you refuse to make use of it.

    *The professor walks off peeved towards the Pokemon Center’s exit. Jake gives chase to Tupelo with a shocked face expression. Travis and Chelsea look at each other and stare back at what’s happening in front of them*

    Jake: Wait, Professor!

    *Tupelo stops near the doors and turns around with a raised eyebrow as he stares at Jake. Jake stops in front of him*

    Jake: I promise that this time I’ll catch more Pokemon. Just give me one more chance. And I promise if I don’t catch another Pokemon in half a year, I’ll travel back to your lab and personally hand over the Pokedex to you.

    Professor Tupelo: One Pokemon in half a year? Now you’re just messing with my patience. From what you’ve shown and how much I personally want you to improve, I expect at least thirty Pokemon caught in the next couple of weeks!

    Jake: Thirty?! In a few weeks!? That’s! That’s!!

    Professor Tupelo: Okay, NOW I’m taking back your Pokedex.

    Jake: Alright. Alright! ...Deal. ...I won’t disappoint you this time.

    Professor Tupelo: That’s more like it. Here’s your Pokedex.

    *Professor Tupelo hands over the Pokedex back to Jake. The other two trainers continue to stare at the spectacle*

    Professor Tupelo: Listen, I know Pokemon Battles are part of what makes Trainers grow, but capturing Pokemon to acknowledge their smallest details in the Pokedex also lets your knowledge expand by personally understanding these wonderful creatures. I want you to gain the knowledge of every single Pokemon in this world and also grow with them as you battle on their side against other Pokemon Trainers.

    *Hearing these words, Jake stares into his Pokedex, understanding what Tupelo is saying*

    Professor Tupelo: Regarding the Pokedex, show more initiative in the future, like your fellow peers from our home town. I already met up with each of them months ago and they already had more than one hundred Pokemon caught.

    Jake: +Those suck ups!+

    Professor Tupelo: But please, do your best. Can I count on that much?

    Jake: Yes, Professor.

    Professor Tupelo: Good. Remember: Catch thirty Pokemon in the next couple of weeks. I expect a video phone call from the Trainer Personal Computer in any Pokemon Center so I can evaluate your Pokedex and the Pokemon in your Boxes. You don’t even have to travel back home for me to check on your progress. I’ll make it that much easier for you to reach my set goal. Maybe you can catch double the amount of Pokemon! Haha!

    Jake: Don’t hold your breathe.

    Professor Tupelo: Well you better catch a good amount by the next time you contact me. Bye for now.

    Jake: Bye... Professor.

    *Professor Tupelo walks out of the Pokemon Center. Jake watches him leave and sighs heavily right after*

    Jake: Thirty Pokemon, huh? I have no choice. Unless I want my Pokedex taken, I’ll just have to catch more. It shouldn’t be that tough. Hmm.

    *Chelsea and Travis creep behind Jake while he’s speaking to himself*

    Travis: What was that about?

    Jake: Oh, nothing.

    *Jake blushes as the two try to gather up something from what they just saw*

    Travis: Is it true? Are you lazy at being a Pokemon Trainer?

    Jake: I’m not!

    Chelsea: You really haven’t caught as much Pokemon as everyone else?

    Jake: I pick my partners and nothing more. I don’t see the point in catching lots of Pokemon if I can only carry six for a full team and use that amount in battle.

    Travis: But that’s one of the aspects of being a Pokemon Trainer. You can choose any other Pokemon in your Storage Boxes so you don’t have to use the same six Pokemon all the time.

    Jake: I still don’t want to do that. I like the Pokemon I have on my team. I won’t ever put them in boxes.

    Chelsea: If you don’t want to catch Pokemon, why don’t you want your Pokedex to be taken from you?

    Jake: I see the Pokedex as a memento from when I began my journey, not knowing what laid ahead and what Pokemon I would encounter. Along with my Starter Pokemon, it’s a symbol of having been given the opportunity to become a good Pokemon Trainer. To me, it’s a symbolic item when I started my journey more than any other reason. That’s why I won’t give up my Pokedex.

    Travis: That’s a good speech, but are you a good Trainer?

    Jake: I’ve traveled across one region with difficulties along the way, and came through each time. With that much and the many battles I had, I see myself as one.

    Chelsea: You should prove it once we get into the next route.

    Jake: You bet!

    *All energetic, the three trainers grab their belongings and run out of the Pokemon Center on their way towards the next route. Deep in the forest off of Route 722, Hayes and the Stealth Elite walk into a dark blue and grey four-story building. Hayes is greeted by the Team Atomic Guards inside of this building. Team Atomic’s Leader and the Stealth Elite walk into an elevator and ascend three levels upward. The elevator stops on the fourth floor, and the doors slide open--revealing a room. This room is a large dark room with three wide-screens across the room and two female computer operators pushing buttons on the dashboards below the first and third screens. Seen on the screens are many calculations and worded data. Words and numbers speed at a moderate pace as the two operators press buttons. Arriving, Hayes walks to a large chair in the center of this room--behind the two computer operators. After he sits, the Atomic Leader stares into the middle screen in front of himself and watches it. The Stealth Elite joins his right side*

    Stealth Elite: I hope your arrival was up to your expectations, sir.

    Hayes: Mostly. The one gripe on my trip towards this base was that adolescent Pokemon Trainer that almost stood in our way. No matter, I will overlook that since we’re one step closer to finishing one of our major projects before the final stage of my plans can begin. Operators: Have the grunts continue their pillage across more cities and landmarks throughout the region. Leave nothing unturned for obtaining more Pokemon.

    Operator #1: Your order is being sent out, Leader Hayes. Would you like to give additional commands?

    Hayes: Only two. Send out notices to the Field Agents--telling them to find new information about the many Legendary Pokemon. I want everything known about these powerful creatures so that I may take their strength for my own use. Every Operator in our organization must record and duplicate each new finding. Back up every new spec of data so the next time we lose part of our information, we don’t lose any. All of our previous research will be restored and increased.

    Operator #2: As you instruct, Hayes.

    *As the Operators type messages to the Field Agents and other Operators, an evil smile grows over Hayes’ face*

    Hayes: Everything will be mine.

    End of Chapter 3.

    NOTE: The next chapter won't take a month to post.

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    Re: A fanfiction! (A Pokemon story) *everyone facepalms*

    Post  rguy3 on Tue Jul 03, 2012 7:19 pm

    Excellent new chapter, dude! You make the pokemon universe come alive, in my opinion. Can't wait for your next!


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    Re: A fanfiction! (A Pokemon story) *everyone facepalms*

    Post  _Lionblaze_ on Wed Jul 04, 2012 3:41 pm

    Nice.If I were a Trainer, I would be like Chelsea, I think.But hey, what do I know about Pokemon?

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    Re: A fanfiction! (A Pokemon story) *everyone facepalms*

    Post  SSJX on Thu Jul 05, 2012 1:32 am

    rguy3 wrote:Excellent new chapter, dude! You make the pokemon universe come alive, in my opinion. Can't wait for your next!

    lionblaze401 wrote:Nice.If I were a Trainer, I would be like Chelsea, I think.But hey, what do I know about Pokemon?

    Thanks for the great reception, guys. Next chapter, I'm going to put a little extra things in the post besides the actual chapter. You'll see.

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    Re: A fanfiction! (A Pokemon story) *everyone facepalms*

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    Can't wait for the next chapter! You can do it now that RP is finished and maintenance is over...so you got some people waiting!


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    Re: A fanfiction! (A Pokemon story) *everyone facepalms*

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    Well, I'm a week behind on finishing typing the next chapter. And that's because my computer broke in the week after I posted the last chapter, but last Thursday I managed to buy a laptop. Even with a week loss, I should finish the next chapter in a few days.

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    Re: A fanfiction! (A Pokemon story) *everyone facepalms*

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    SSJX wrote:Well, I'm a week behind on finishing typing the next chapter. And that's because my computer broke in the week after I posted the last chapter, but last Thursday I managed to buy a laptop. Even with a week loss, I should finish the next chapter in a few days.
    Great! I mean, about the chapter. Razz Sorry about your computer. Sad (<---Overkill!)


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    Re: A fanfiction! (A Pokemon story) *everyone facepalms*

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    Preview for Chapter 4 (this music plays: Digimon Xros Wars Episode Preview Music).

    Jake: The largest city in the region has been put under a hypnosis spell by Team Atomic. With every person and Pokemon in a deep slumber, the Atomic’s plan to steal the town’s Pokemon is full proof. But if Team Atomic thinks this city is truly defenseless, they have no idea what they’re up against. Next time: “Midnight Theft. Three Trainers’ Stand.”

    *Jake, Chelsea and Travis walk through a city during the day. At night, an army quantity of Team Atomic walk through the city’s large entrance gate lead by an Atomic who’s charge of their operation. Ghost-type Pokemon--Misdreavous, Duskull, Haunter and Sableye--inside walls and ceilings are using an ability, making their eyes glow purple. In a hurry, the three Trainers run down a hotel’s hallway with Typhlosion next to Jake’s right and a Gligar by Chelsea’s left. The three Trainers and the previous two Pokemon are kneeling at a building’s corner to glimpse around the other side. Inside a large room, Chelsea and Travis’ Pokemon--Furret and Lairon--are facing a second important Atomic with an Eelektross standing to his right. Outside on a concrete ground next to six moving vans’ left, Jake in his superhuman transformation is engulfed in an aura around his body--feet away from the first important Atomic and a group of male and female Grunts behind him. With his aura, hair and eyes glowing gold, Jake leers forward with a scowl at the Atomics*

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