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    Reasons to buy a Digimon VPet


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    Reasons to buy a Digimon VPet

    Post  123agumon on Thu Feb 23, 2012 4:16 pm

    Here are some pros and cons to get you to buy your own vpet.

    -They're as fun as a Tamagotchi
    -They have multiple paths of evolving every time
    -You feed, train, and clean them like a Tamagotchi
    -You can battle them if your friend has another Vpet
    -They can be muted and sort of "paused"
    -Their battery life is LONG (months)
    -They're DIGIMON! Very Happy

    Now some cons:

    -They can be expensive since they're not sold in stores anymore
    -They require special batteries (Get them from Walgreens.)
    -Not all versions can connect with each other.

    If you plan on buying a Vpet (not a digivice, but a vpet) check out our official website: http://digimon4ever.com/
    You can read Vpet training tips and we also have evolution guides.


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